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Brand and Model Legend Price Wt Avg SDev Last Vt Rate
Celestron Focal Reducer/Field Flattener229.41.104/02/2004Rate It!
Focusknobs.com Slow Motion Control Knobs109.10.305/30/2003Rate It!
Celestron Coma Corrector MPCC--Rate It!
Meade Erecting Prism--Rate It!
Orion RedBeam II LED$7.9575.70.708/30/2003Rate It!
NoName t-ring adaptor for Canon FD mount15510.00.001/06/2003Rate It!
Mars Eye Red Dot Finder15.95179.00.008/18/2006Rate It!
Celestron t-ring for Canon FD mount1661.02.204/27/2016Rate It!
Focusknobs.com 150A Focuser Knobs$19.95210.00.006/11/2004Rate It!
Galileo Circular Illuminated Reticle Finder19105.04.008/16/2006Rate It!
Stellarvue Red Dot Finder24.95267.80.811/23/2006Rate It!
Focusknobs.com 200A Focuser Knobs$24.95110.00.001/20/2005Rate It!
Televue Sol-searcher25.00110.00.009/27/2002Rate It!
Night Watch$25.00 ?210.00.010/14/2005Rate It!
Orion 9x50 Strait29.95128.00.005/31/2006Rate It!
Antares 2" to 1.25" Twist-Lock Eyepiece Adapter29--Rate It!
Rigel QuickFinder39.951618.62.208/18/2008Rate It!
Orion Universal Camera adapter39116.13.607/17/2004Rate It!
Orion Cheshire Eyepiece40177.21.805/30/2006Rate It!
Telrad Finder44.00509.51.007/15/2010Rate It!
Orion EQ-3M R.A. Drive$55119.10.303/27/2007Rate It!
Scopetronix Deluxe Laser Collimator59--Rate It!
Helix Laser Collimator60/75/90159.90.202/22/2003Rate It!
GSO 2" SCT Mirror Diagonal$65.00--Rate It!
GSO 2" SCT Diagonal65--Rate It!
Apogee Astro Chair69.95228.00.208/25/2006Rate It!
Orion 2" Crayford Focuser$69.9559.00.001/08/2007Rate It!
Orion Lasermate Deluxe$79.95107.00.010/29/2004Rate It!
Orion 9x50 Right-Angle, Correct-Image Finder Scope$79.95209.00.005/07/2007Rate It!
Russell Optics 60mm finder-9085--Rate It!
Ultima EZ Collimator89.9519.00.004/02/2002Rate It!
Harry Siebert Camera Adapter$89 +Shipping19.00.003/20/2004Rate It!
Russell Optics 60mm finder-4590--Rate It!
Antares 8x50mm Correct Image$99.00254.61.308/25/2006Rate It!
Siebert's finderscopes$99-$18967.73.008/13/2004Rate It!
Peterson Eyeopener99.95110.00.007/20/2004Rate It!
Lumicon Rich Field Viewer100--Rate It!
William Optics 2" diagonal$100-$150339.40.502/07/2007Rate It!
Lymax CG-5 encoder brackets1001110.00.010/23/2003Rate It!
Takahashi 6x30$11077.71.210/15/2003Rate It!
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