Lymax CG-5 encoder brackets

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Brand and Model:Lymax CG-5 encoder brackets
Price ($USD):100
Type:Encoder brackets
Description:Made to work with digital setting circle encoders installed on the CG-5 and similar German Equatorial Mounts . Professionally machined encoder brackets that allow you to retain your Polar Alignment Scope.

Works with CosmicOne DSC, JMI NGC-MAX, Lumicon NGC SkyVector, Celestron Astromaster, and similar Digital Setting Circle Systems.

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Lymax CG-5 encoder brackets
I ordered these because, as far as I can tell, they are the only commercially-available brackets for the CG-5, EQ4, etc.. that allow you to still use your polar scope. If you have ever used digital setting circles on an EQ mount, then you know how important it is to have good polar alignment to get good pointing accuracy.
The RA bracket design is brilliant - it uses a "thimble" that slips over the polar scope.

These brackets are custom machined and every component is of very high quality - I was very impressed when I received these.
Another nice feature of these brackets is that they are very low profile. In other words, they don't stick out the sides of your mount very far.

The best news about these brackets is that they are only $100, as compared to the JMI and Celestron brackets, which both are around $180.

These deserve a solid "10" across the board.

Overall Rating: 10
Performance:10 Value:10
Weight: 11 (Trustworthy Vote)
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