Harry Siebert Camera Adapter

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Brand and Model:Harry Siebert Camera Adapter
Price ($USD):$89 +Shipping
Type:Camera adapter
Description:This device allows for connecting your digital camera/digital movie camera to your scope while using any eyepiece in place.

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Harry Siebert Camera Adapter
After having terrible luck with the Orion SteadyPix digital camera adapter, I gave up and went shopping for something with a better design. I looked at the ScopeTronix EX-Pix adapter, but it appeared to have the same troublesome eyepiece bracket design as the Orion adapter. Others were so expensive ($300+) that it was not even possible to consider them.

Then I cam cross the Universal Camera Adapter made by Harry Siebert. At first, I was was shocked by the price ($150), but after I spoke to Harry on the phone and asked a few questions about the design (which I will explain later), I decided to give it a try. Knowing that Harry has a 30-day money back offer on most all his products made this decision much easier.

The most important thing about the design of the Siebert adapter is that it does not fit on to the outside of the eyepiece. Instead, the whole unit is supported from a socket that plugs right into where your eyepiece normally goes, and then your eyepiece slips right into the socket. It takes only seconds to install or to change eyepieces!! Very different experience than my frustrating ordeal with the Orion SteadyPix.

The next great thing about this adapter is that all the adjustment points have knurled knobs that can be adjusted by hand and in the field -- no tools required!! The knobs all tighten precisely without causing any shift or change in position.

Perhaps the most clever design feature is the use of a small positioning bracket that allows you to swing the camera out of th way to look through the eyepiece, and then swing it back into position. This works pretty well, although the support rod still in position makes it a little crowded and awkward to get in close to the eyepiece.

All the supporting structure of the adapter is made of steel, which makes it very strong and steady, but also adds a lot of weight. I estimate that the bare unit (no camera or eyepiece) weighs 1-2 pounds. This, along with the hefty price ($150), are the only drawbacks I could find.

Overall Rating: 9
Performance:10 Value:7
Weight: 1 (Unreliable Vote)
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