Galileo Circular Illuminated Reticle Finder

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Brand and Model:Galileo Circular Illuminated Reticle Finder
Price ($USD):19

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Galileo Circular Illuminated Reticle Finder
I tested this on a convention (ATT). The price was about 40,-
Euros (Germany). This is the most worst piece of junk I ever
had in my hands (except the 5x24 finder from China with the
10mm plastic hole behind the 24mm plastic lens, wich was
cut out by rats maybe).
For the price of 5,- O.K., but for 40,- Euros a bad joke!!!


Overall Rating: 1
Performance:1 Value:1
Weight: 5 (Veritable Vote)
By: Shadow
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Galileo Circular Illuminated Reticle Finder
I made the initial review, but new to the site and didn't know how to rate it.


Overall Rating: 9
Performance:8 Value:10
Weight: 5 (Veritable Vote)
By: Domgug
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Galileo Circular Illuminated Reticle Finder
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Competition is a good thing - now there are three circular finders on the market and you _ will _ be surprised!
I am just your regular amateur and have absolutely nothing to gain by any company or product mentioned in this review.

I have one Telrad that is shared between two newts (dob and gem). I also use both a MAK and an SCT with no reticle finders. I have tried the red dot finders, but I must say that personally I don’t care for them and prefer the circular finders for their “hop-ability”.

I wanted another reticle finder, but did not want to spend another $40 on one. In search of a reticle finder for my MAK and SCT I scoured the web and came across the Galileo Circular Illuminated Reticle Finder from Apogee Inc. I then searched for user opinions of the Galileo and found that is has almost been _ ignored _ by everyone! I decided to give it a try and here is what I found.

The Galileo is similar to the Rigel finder in that it has a high profile in comparison to the low profile of the Telrad. Unlike the Telrad, the Galileo has no 4 degree circle and is small in sizejust like the Rigel

I truly love the Telrad, but honestly must admit the thing is huge. Telrads are functionally perfect, but esthetically they do _ not _ look good on either a MAK or an SCT. Rigel finders may be small but they fit in with the Telrads in that they also esthetically don’t match the looks of a MAK or SCT as they are square and boxy.

No pulse constantly lit. This is neither a positive nor a negative simply a personal preference.

The plastic that the reticle is reflected on is not tinted in any way. I have seen a few red dot finders that were very slightly tinted.

Positives (in my order of importance):

- Cost - I challenge you to find any illuminated circular finder for this price!

- Small size in comparison to the Telrad

- High profile – again good for a MAK or SCT

- Light weight

- Modern looks – not square or boxy and esthetically perfect for a MAK or SCT

Negatives (in my order of importance) :

- (The biggest one) The Galileo name - Let’s face it; the Galileo brand has not made a good reputation for quality products. As a matter of fact, IMO they have the reputation of being on the bottom end of the department store scopes. I was almost embarrassed by putting a “Galileo” product on a $3000+ telescope and wanted to peel the Galileo label off.

- No 4 degree circle (I think I can get used to that, it will make hopping a little more challenging)

- Somewhat of a Narrow field of view for the reticle (yes, you might have to do the dance like for a dot finder, although not as bad)

- Thumb screws and the base are of _ very _ soft plastic. I can imagine the screws or holes wearing out.

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Weight: 3 (Unreliable Vote)
By: Anonymous (
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Nice cheap circular illuminated reticle finder.  For me, it cost less then $26USD with shipping.  It was super easy to put on the scope and lineup.  I lined up on the moon first, then did the fine settings on Jupiter, then Saturn.  As long as you have a strait eye-line to it, then it's very easy to see the reticle and 2 degrees is enough for me.
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