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Brand and Model Legend Price Wt Avg SDev Last Vt Rate
Astro-Tech UHC55$--Rate It!
Astronomik UHC$9916.00.001/19/2006Rate It!
Baader Contrast Booster$39.00298.33.408/23/2006Rate It!
Baader Fringe Killer$90.0062.53.408/23/2006Rate It!
Baader Neodymium$30.00188.81.103/19/2005Rate It!
Baader UHC8259.00.002/12/2005Rate It!
Baader UV-IR Cut4418.00.001/28/2005Rate It!
Celestron LPR Filter$55.00458.01.001/15/2010Rate It!
Coronado SolarMax 40mm$1450.00139.80.407/02/2002Rate It!
Coronado SolarMax 60mm$2590.001010.00.008/08/2002Rate It!
DGM Optics NPB74.9579.90.308/26/2010Rate It!
DGM VHT Nebula69.95--Rate It!
Lumicon DeepySky$99.95105.02.005/30/2003Rate It!
Lumicon H-Beta$99.95--Rate It!
Lumicon O-III$99.95319.21.310/01/2003Rate It!
Lumicon UHC$99.95319.31.111/06/2008Rate It!
Meade 4000 Narrowbandapprox $90--Rate It!
Meade Series 4000 Broadband22.01.009/14/2002Rate It!
Orion 1.25" variable moon filter110.00.004/28/2006Rate It!
Orion Full Aperture Solar Filters$55-125278.11.812/19/2003Rate It!
Orion Skyglow Broadband60-80299.00.706/03/2006Rate It!
Orion UltraBlock LP100-130609.40.903/29/2007Rate It!
Orion V-Block$7569.20.410/07/2005Rate It!
Parks ALP Filter89.95--Rate It!
Parks Color Photo-Visual Filters$18.95--Rate It!
Sirius Optics CE1$100--Rate It!
Sirius Optics Nebula75-1201010.00.012/04/2004Rate It!
Sirius Optics Planetary Contrast$75-120228.00.206/16/2004Rate It!
Sirius Optics VFS$295210.00.003/30/2004Rate It!
Solar Spectrum .2A Hydrogen-Alpha Filter$3750--Rate It!
The Scope Merchant "Spectrum Filter Wheel"139.95110.00.012/28/2002Rate It!
Thousand Oaks LP-1 Broadband89-179105.00.005/12/2002Rate It!
Thousand Oaks LP-2 Narrowband89-179--Rate It!
Thousand Oaks LP-3 O-III89-179179.90.210/07/2005Rate It!
Thousand Oaks LP-4 H-Beta89-179--Rate It!
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