Coronado SolarMax 60mm

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Brand and Model:Coronado SolarMax 60mm
Price ($USD):$2590.00
Filter Position:
un-checked .96" un-checked 1.25" un-checked 2"
un-checked Visual Back checked Full Aperture
Description:Adapters available to attach this filter to virtually any scope.
H-alpha observing reveals prominences,
and mottled sun surface.
Comes with a blocking filter, usualy a special star diagonal, into which eyepieces or a binoviewer fits.

Type: AS1 Series thermally stable with hard, non-degenerating coatings throughout.
Wavelength: 6562.8A (H alpha)
Bandwidth: <0.7A
Aperture: 60mm

Woodland Hills Description

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Coronado SolarMax 60mm
Coronado has created a convenient way to view the Solar processes without the need of heating the filter.
The experience is awesome and addictive. View of the changing promineces, the sun's mottled surface, sunspots, etc. is wonderful and mysterious. I give it a "10". (I m not voting on the value, because this is not available for much less by the Day star, as far as I know. It is expensive, period. You must know if it is worth it, to me it certainly is.)
I have owned and loved the 60mm SolarMax, which is excellent in the wealth of information, but I have upgraded to the 90mm, which gives it even more detail, the image is larger, and the Chromosphere is clearly visible, something the 60mm cannot do. Both filters are also enhanced by using a Binoviewer!!
I use the TV binovue on a Sky90 with two TAL Ploessls 25mm. When the atmosphere allows Panoptic 19 or 15 is fine. However, most often I enjoy the view with the 30mm Ultimas or the inexpensive new 40mm Plossls "Omcon". It has the Chinese light blue multicoatings, and some ghosting where the black sky is, but the image of the solar disk is the sharpest and most contrasty. To balance the heavy binovue against the heavy 90mm SolarMax (and MaxTuner) on the SKY90 I use it with the Tak Extender Q, all mounted on GiroII deLuxe AltAz mount. Highly recommended.

Overall Rating: 10
Weight: 10 (Trustworthy Vote)
By: 4rBetter
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