Legend of the Last Labyrinth

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Name:Legend of the Last Labyrinth
checked Comedyun-checked Mechschecked Drama
un-checked Violencechecked Shoujo 
un-checked Hentaiun-checked Explicit Sexun-checked Brief Nudity
Running Length:60 minutes

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Legend of the Last Labyrinth
Legend of the Lost Labyrinth (or Princess Rouge) review

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Much like the rest of this show, I consider the animation to be a slightly lower-quality Ah My Goddess that was unfortunately cut off before it could reach its full potential. I do have to wonder how certain anime series ever managed to get enough of a fan following to get past two episodes when shows like this, Shinesman, and Ninja Cadets never got their chance.
But that tangent aside, this is some pretty good animation for a show that never made it past two episodes.
Sure, it tends to fall into the category of "anime with pretty good animation that only turns it up for big magic attacks," but I always grade animation based on the best stuff the animators produce, and the best stuff here falls somewhere between Slayers spells and Sailor Moon transformations.

Definitely a hard one to grade, because man, did this show ever have potential.
Basically, it's about a girl named Rouge who falls out of the sky one day. Of course, the resident Keiichi/Tenchi/any other anime guy who happens to be caught up with at least three non-human girls who look human anyway sorta character happens upon her and takes her back home with him, only to find out that she has amnesia.
At first, things are just funny as he tries to get her adjusted to the world... And then her two sisters show up.
Apparently, there's some sort of connection between Rouge and the underworld, but with the "new" personality she gains living on Earth with Yusuke, you have to wonder how she could have been connected at all...
And that's where the series cuts off.
It's truly, truly unfortunate, because as I watched it, I felt like the show had such a beautiful story that it could have made it somewhere into my top 5, or at least my top 6, favorite anime... And then I found out there was no more.
The show constantly gave itself tons and tons of room for storyline development, twists, and revelations, with everything from apparent underworld princes who had a past with Rouge's sisters to the inevitable choice Rouge would have had to make between the underworld and Yusuke, but it never got the chance...

This is some pretty funny stuff! Mostly in the first episode. But again, I have to make the Ah My Goddess reference. It's sorta like that. In fact, it probably would've been better if it had gotten past two episodes. Along with the story, some of the situations with Rouge and Yusuke getting used to living together really made this show for me.

Excellent stuff here, with an absolutely beautiful ending theme. I get the feeling, again, that this show could have had a really fantastic soundtrack.

You've probably gotten the impression that this has been a hard show to grade because it's unfinished...
And that's the truth.
If this had been a finished series or even made it to two more episodes, I would instantly recommend this show.
But as it is, it's sort of like a star athlete that gets cut off with a career-ending injury in his or her third game.
Recommended, but please remember that it's a series with no conclusion and not even a manga to conclude it.

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Overall Rating: 8
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