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Name:Irresponsible Captain Tylor OAVs
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Running Length:360

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Irresponsible Captain Tylor OAVs
Irresponsible Captain Tylor OVAs review

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As OAVs (take your pick) usually do, Tylor has good animation. None of the space battles (out of about three) really stood out as being superbly animated, like Outlaw Star did a few times, but they were solid, and little touches like animation for everyone during the singing scene at the end of An Exceptional Episode (the first volume) or the Raalgon's gel-like ship docks stand out in my mind.
And overall, the animation doesn't really matter. Tylor's a very plot-driven show.

Absolutely superb... Albeit a little hard to catch onto with the last two of the sidestories and the final volume going back and forth in the timeline of the show.
Basically, it's like the Yuriko episode takes place during the beginning of the final episode, with the Yamamoto episode, which is after the Yuriko episode, takes place both during the Yuriko episode and after the part of the final episode where the Yuriko episode would have been... Confusing? Probably. I had to refer to the liner notes to figure out what was going on.
But anyway, all of that has no bearing on the plot itself. That was just a minor quirk.
As for the plot itself, let me start by saying that the Sidestory Collection episodes are self-contained stories (except for parts of the Yuriko and Yamamoto episodes) that were probably made for no other reason than to either develop the characters (Kojiro episode) or just show them in situations where they're not in space (the Christmas episode).
So I won't discuss those. An Exceptional Episode and From Here To Eternity, though, were wonderful.
In An Exceptional Episode, basically, Tylor's given a secret mission that he's not allowed to tell his crew about. This leads to not only a lot of "difficult" situations where nobody believes him, but also a lot of the funnier scenes in the show. I'd like to tell you exactly what those situations are and what the mission is, but it's harder to talk about a short OAV than it is to talk about a 26-episode TV series. At least with the TV series, I wouldn't feel like I was ruining anything.
So instead, just suffice it to say that An Exceptional Episode really IS an exceptional episode that manages to touch on every subject from war to peace to trust to politics. Brilliantly done.
From Here To Eternity was also well done. I know a lot of people would give the nod to this one as far as touching endings go, but honestly, I cried more at the ending to An Exceptional Episode, and it actually would have made more sense as a finale to the show. From Here To Eternity finishes off the question that's been looming since the beginning of even the TV series (will the UPSF or Raalgon win the war), but presents a whole new question... And then the show's over.
On the bright side, if you like endings that say "This show should end fighting!", then you shouldn't have a problem with it.
And even if you don't like the ending, like me, that doesn't hurt the rest of the final OAV. (After all, remember Rayearth's ending?) It's still a good show, but again, I can't say any more because I'd be ruining it.
Just take my word and watch it!

Excellent! ...At least, in An Exceptional Episode. The Sidestory Collection manages to drop virtually all the humor out of the picture in favor of getting serious, and From Here To Eternity is too busy being serious to really have any humor.

Good, great, fantastic, etc. This is one series where I really, really enjoyed the music, and again I give credit to An Exceptional Episode for having the best of the best. Its theme song got at least two different instrumental versions of it and after I'd watched that volume for the first time, on every subsequent watching, those instrumental versions as well as the theme song itself and the crew singing at the end of the show all really got to me.
Great stuff here as far as music goes.

You might be able to tell just from my review here and how much I've said about Tylor compared to how much I say for other series.
It's not just that the Irresponsible Captain Tylor is a really deep show and needs a really deep review...
It's that everything is so well tied together and so well-written that I feel the need to honor the writers and spend a little more time writing about this show, because they certainly spent a LOT more time writing for us, the viewers.
And besides, I've watched An Exceptional Episode so many times that I felt I could write more about it.
Overall, these OAVs are a great batch of episodes. Arguably, you could buy only An Exceptional Episode (which is, in case you can't tell, my favorite of the bunch and the most re-watchable) and you'd probably be more satisfied with the ending...
But if you like Tylor's well-defined characters, then the Sidestory Collection is a must, and if you're already left hanging on the exact connection between the Yuriko and Yamamoto sidestories, you should probably go ahead and pick up From Here To Eternity too. The final volume isn't a bad show by any means, but it doesn't live up to An Exceptional Episode and it doesn't have the humor of the TV series.
Bottom line is, it's an excellent anime that I can't recommend enough.

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