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Running Length:180 (Four 45 min. OAV) mins.

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Earthian review

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Not bad. It's not terribly detailed or high-quality, but it's not bad.

I gave this a 4 for one simple reason: Earthian does an excellent job of building up big questions (Chihaya's black wings), creating an intriguing world (why can't the angels interfere with the Earthians?), and setting up a big storyline (Messiah and how he might fit in with other angels), and then goes absolutely nowhere with it.
At least Legend of the Last Labyrinth had an excuse (being cut) instead of pretending it finished.
By the end of Earthian, you're left asking yourself everything you'd been asking yourself from the beginning, and nothing ever got resolved.
Granted, it was resolved in the manga (or at least the creator said it would be, in the extras), but if you want an anime that can start and finish itself, this isn't it.

Absolutely none.

It was decent. It fit the mood okay at some points, and at others it just seemed to be thrown in there. I found myself wishing for more of the "no background music" moments they had fairly often in the anime.

Ugh. The show is based on a manga, but it doesn't start at the beginning and it doesn't finish at the end.
Beyond that, the plot leads you nowhere even in what you do get, the drama is almost non-existent because of the one-sided nature of all but one of the seven or so fights in this show (let me put it bluntly: Kagetsuya wins every fight he has and Messiah wins every fight he has, and when the two fight each other, we don't get a clear resolution on who would win), and to top it all off, the music and the animation aren't noteworthy.
I don't recommend you buy or even rent Earthian unless you don't have much else to do or you can manage to get a hold of the manga and actually find out how the story finishes (and starts).

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Overall Rating: 4
Animation:6 Plot:4 Humor:0 Sound Track:6
Weight: 40 (Reputable Vote)
By: Jiggy
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Pretty Angel guys! This is a dream come true. I want to see more of this sort of thing in shops in the west!

Overall Rating: 7
Animation:7 Plot:8 Humor:4 Sound Track:7
Weight: 10 (Trustworthy Vote)
By: Erebus
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