Rei Rei

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Name:Rei Rei
checked Comedyun-checked Mechsun-checked Drama
un-checked Violenceun-checked Shoujo 
checked Hentaichecked Explicit Sexchecked Brief Nudity
Running Length:55 mins.

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Rei Rei
hentai and comedy... fun to watch but not for kids...

Overall Rating: 8
Weight: 1 (Unreliable Vote)
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Rei Rei
there are 2 eps each about 25min.
in the first this guy try to ask a girl out, give her a batch of flower
and she throws them away on the ground saying she never even want to see him.
he try to kill himself running into the middle of the railroad
that when kaguya come in and pull him out using pipi the fat pigged shorty
snotty little punk man.
that isnt all a second time he try to get run over by the car
which he get chicken out and scared like shit hehe

in short kaguya is a love goddess and guide people in the right direction
when they are misguided and it pain her to see people get their hearts torn
apart. She loves romantic and basically helping unfortunate souls.
Quite sexxy herself, gypsy like and can tell your fortune.

That picture on the top is when this guy 2nd eps
have lost his girlfriend because he is too kiddie like
and doesn't know how to turn her on.
Alway thinking too much about video game rather then his girl
and one day she left him and that when he goes into a coma
and got his mind stuck in the video game
kaguya goes into help and that when he as a monster in the video game
world try to fit this big cock into and like same size as her
she say it won't fit, and he say he don't care and will put it in anyway
pipi pops out and cut his ball in half he get quite mad and show his
real faces so pipi take off his pant and show his dick to him
kaguya jump up to this guy with his face shown out, kisses him and hit
each other in the head.
then they find out the real reason why he is like that
is because his mother left him when he was very little.
this is why he is so fasinate with the star, the milky face
he has never even got a taste of breast milk or never been
breast fed. so he lack this maturity.
kaguya decide to be his mother and let him suck on her
and out came milk.
He is now a strong man and can make love to his girlfriend
it show them in a carnival ride and they kissing each other toching
each other. he putting hand in her pants
kaguya saying they are young and so they are very playful
while pipi saying it disguesting.

Overall Rating: 9
Weight: 1 (Unreliable Vote)
By: Anonymous (
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