Private Psycho Lesson

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Name:Private Psycho Lesson
checked Comedyun-checked Mechsun-checked Drama
un-checked Violenceun-checked Shoujo 
checked Hentaichecked Explicit Sexchecked Brief Nudity
Running Length:74 mins.

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Private Psycho Lesson
When watching Hentai you, watch it for only two reasons.
One, you want to see sex and nothing but more sex and two, you actually look for a plot. Well there is a little of both in this Hentai, but it is mostly sex and more sex.

If nothing else you gotta see how the psychiatrist puts here subjects into hypnosis - with her rotating breasts!!

Not for anyone under 18, not really that great, but rotating breats save it all...

Animation - Not bad considering it is Hentai. There has been must worse animation when it comes to Hentai.

Plot - This is Hentai, there is a plot? What little plot there is, is helping people with their sexual frustrations/problems.

Humor - Not rolling on the floor funny, but does have some comedic parts.

Soundtrack - What soundtrack? I only heard moaning.

Overall a Hentai lover would really like this. If you are not then really don't kid yourself, it is not up your alley.

Overall Rating: 7
Animation:6 Plot:4 Humor:9 Sound Track:5
Weight: 5 (Veritable Vote)
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