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City:Mountain View [Get a Map of the area!]
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Description:Runs from Palo Alto to Mountain View along the bay.
Take the shoreline exit from 101 and proceed East as far as you can go.

There's a restaurant, sail boating, and wind surfing available at the lake. Sometimes you can skate to background music played at the Amphitheatre.

Trail is mostly smooth and wide with one hill that might be uncomfortable for beginners and also a wooden bridge crossing (which is just bumpy).

City of Mountain View Shoreline Page

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This used to be my most popular skating venue. The trails aren't all that wide, but are smooth and mostly flat with a couple of small hills.

The park itself is pretty small -- no BBQs and maybe enough grass for 1 football game. But there's plenty of trail space for biking and there's frequent kite flyers due to the high wind in the area, being right next to the bay.

You can take the trail all the way into Downtown Mountain View and hop on be Castro street to pick up a Pearl Milk Tea or two before heading back; though it's closer to intermediate level skating towards the end (there's an overpass with wood planks).

The views are pretty nice over the bay and also of moffet field. Also pretty breezy which is a plus in my book.

Oh, and an alternate entrance to the trail is to go STRAIGHT through the traffic light instead of turning left onto Shoreline. this brings you to the Microsoft offices which are located at an alternate trail entrance.

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Family:8 Exercise:9
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By: webmaster
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This one was the first and the best known for me. This place is has trails for all kind of rollerbladers (beginners, intermediate, and advanced). Also this is a scenic place, so get to see a variety wildlife.


Overall Rating: 8
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