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jade.gif Jade
Multiple threaded execution and a proprietary virtual memory scheme form the foundation for Jade 1.2, one of the most versatile JPEG viewers available for the Macintosh. By utilizing these unique features, Jade can view JPEGs with amazing speed while maintaining a small memory footprint.

Unlike most other Mac JPEG viewers, Jade uses the cross platform JPEG library supplied by the Independent JPEG Group and as a consequence is much more tolerant of corrupted JPEGs. In addition, it allows Jade to view images at full size and allows Jade to support the latest JPEG features (like Progressive JPEG encoding).

To top it off, Jade goes beyond traditional image viewers, allowing users to route images to multiple folders or applications on the fly.

Other features of Jade include:

new in 1.2:

Jade requires 68020 (or higher) or PowerPC, Thread Manager or system 7.5 (or later) and is Freeware.

Click here to download jade-12.hqx

binp_icn2.gif Binary Pump

Binary Pump is a file organization tool which allows you to set destination folders for certain types of files. These types are specified through rules such as file name attributes or file contents.

Version 2.15 is a maintenance update and features:

Click here to download bp215.hqx

speaker_icn.gif Speaker
Speaker is a program which utilizes the speech manager through a simple text editor. In addition to text editing capabilities, Speaker supports macros for frequently spoken text, and various speech modes: on return, by line, by sentence, or by file. Speaker requires the speech manager to run. In addition, it allows you to correct pronunciation mistakes by using a speech dictionary and phonemes. Speaker is already included in the Binary Pump archive.

Click here to download speaker114.hqx

If you need the speech manager, check apple's ftp site:
Or, if that one's busy, try here:

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