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Brand and Model Price Wt Avg Last Vt Rate
Acurus ACT-3$179959.602/20/2003 Rate It!
Acurus DIA 100 MkII$1,10098.702/09/2006 Rate It!
ADCOM GFA-7400100049.802/04/2003 Rate It!
ADCOM GFA-7500150029.510/30/2001 Rate It!
ATI 1505169579.301/14/2006 Rate It!
ATI 1506199559.402/23/2003 Rate It!
B&K AV5000129849.804/17/2000 Rate It!
Carver AV-705xdiscontinued159.904/21/2005 Rate It!
Carver M1.0t60099.002/19/2005 Rate It!
Carver pm1400210.006/01/2005 Rate It!
Carver PX 1450210.004/30/2006 Rate It!
Carver TFM 45$1095 (1991)119.605/14/2002 Rate It!
carver tfm-45159.712/19/2005 Rate It!
Chiro C-5001998110.012/30/2002 Rate It!
Cinepro 1K2145079.602/03/2005 Rate It!
Classe CA-100150047.802/05/2003 Rate It!
Classe CA-200299549.806/10/2004 Rate It!
Classe CA-4005500.0029.505/07/2006 Rate It!
Decware Zen Triode$54979.306/04/2003 Rate It!
DENON POA-8200100018.006/29/2004 Rate It!
Dynaco ST-70Used up to $40088.903/25/2005 Rate It!
Hafler TransVova 9505220049.810/31/2004 Rate It!
Harman Kardon PA580078.102/03/2003 Rate It!
Harman Kardon Signature 2.11200?59.809/14/2005 Rate It!
Jadis orchesta3000110.007/31/2000 Rate It!
Kenwood KZ-M1120038.008/06/2003 Rate It!
Marantz MA-500$30088.007/28/2004 Rate It!
Marantz MA-700$50058.210/19/2004 Rate It!
Nakamichi PA1$1,999110.012/15/1999 Rate It!
Outlaw Model 750$1099 + $55 frei210.010/09/2002 Rate It!
Parasound HCA-1206A195019.004/21/2000 Rate It!
Parasound HCA-2205A$249559.411/12/2004 Rate It!
proceed Amp 23000.0088.606/07/2003 Rate It!
Proceed Amp 3$450019.011/26/2005 Rate It!
Proceed AMP-5$5000110.001/13/2003 Rate It!
Rotel 985THX1000910.004/04/2000 Rate It!
Rotel RB-980BX600139.202/07/2006 Rate It!
Rotel RMB 10951999229.512/02/2007 Rate It!
Sunfire Cinema Grand237597.205/13/2002 Rate It!
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