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Brand and Model Legend Price Wt Avg SDev Last Vt Rate
Vixen GP-EEq~600--Rate It!
William Yang GT-1EqMoGt2995--Rate It!
ITE First Magnitude Standard w/GotoEqMoGt$1190.00--Rate It!
Celestron CG-3Eq$149.95--Rate It!
Millennium Mount IIEqMoGt$9,500--Rate It!
Meade Alumininum TripodAzGtAbout $30-$50--Rate It!
Vixen Super PolarisEq$400 used--Rate It!
iOptron SmartStar-EAzGt243--Rate It!
ScopeStuff 2D Binocular Mount Head69--Rate It!
iOptron SmartStar-GAzGt360--Rate It!
Vixen Sphinx SXDEqMoGt2799--Rate It!
SkyWatcher SynScan Alt/Az GoTo Mount and TripodAzGt210 Euro--Rate It!
IOPTRON mini TOWERAzMo799--Rate It!
William Yang GT-1HDEqMoGt379518.00.008/15/2002Rate It!
Astro-Physics 600EGTOEqMoGt$4500.0019.00.012/24/2003Rate It!
Losmandy HGM-200EqMoGt$7995.00110.00.001/14/2003Rate It!
Berlebach 18L$270.001610.00.011/08/2008Rate It!
Universal Astronomics Unistar LightAz20011.00.007/07/2013Rate It!
Astro-Physics AP900 QMDEqMo$400059.00.005/27/2008Rate It!
HutechAzMo22950.00.005/16/2009Rate It!
Orion EQ-2 Equatorial MountEqMo$149.00227.00.007/25/2006Rate It!
Takahaashi NJP-160 Temma 2EqGt$6500610.00.011/18/2005Rate It!
Mizar K-mountAz13019.00.002/04/2005Rate It!
Round Table PlatformsEqMo$4501010.00.012/03/2005Rate It!
iOptron SmartStar-AGt41012.00.007/07/2013Rate It!
DiscMounts DM-6Az1200.00510.00.009/30/2009Rate It!
Parallax EQ mount HD200CEqMoGt11,500109.00.009/03/2010Rate It!
Astro-Physics 1200GTOEqMoGt$7500.0079.90.308/27/2003Rate It!
Takahashi Teegul Lapides ModAz$509.002810.00.205/16/2009Rate It!
Mountain Instruments MI-250 GotoEqMoGt$5690.0069.20.409/08/2010Rate It!
Orion SkyView Pro Equatorial MountEqMo$319.00128.50.501/05/2005Rate It!
Losmandy HGM TitanEqMoGt$4995.0038.70.501/09/2004Rate It!
Synta AZ-3Az$129-$13978.30.502/29/2004Rate It!
Tele Optics (APM) Giro 2 DeluxeAz$260149.80.405/07/2003Rate It!
Losmandy GM-8 w/ Gemini GotoEqMoGt$2495.0069.20.405/12/2005Rate It!
Losmandy G-11EqMo$2195.0089.80.405/27/2008Rate It!
Losmandy G-11 w/ Gemini GotoEqMoGt$3195.0029.50.507/07/2004Rate It!
Vixen AtluxEqMoGt~500028.50.501/23/2005Rate It!
Astro-Physics 400GTOEqMoGt$3590.0029.50.503/22/2004Rate It!
Takahashi EM-2EqMo2,3002110.00.211/15/2003Rate It!
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