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Name Num Msgs Last Msg Post
Celestron CI-700 2 04/07/2018 Post!
Skywatcher HEQ5 8 07/30/2008 Post!
Vixen Sphinx SXD 1 07/30/2008 Post!
Astro-Physics AP900 QMD 1 03/02/2006 Post!
Takahashi Teegul Lapides Mod 1 05/13/2005 Post!
Synta AZ-3 2 02/12/2005 Post!
Vixen SX (Sphinx) 2 01/09/2005 Post!
Celestron ASCM w/ GOTO 1 06/02/2004 Post!
Synta EQ-6 4 10/29/2003 Post!
Losmandy GM-8 0 Post!
Losmandy GM-8 w/ Gemini Goto 0 Post!
Losmandy G-11 0 Post!
Losmandy G-11 w/ Gemini Goto 0 Post!
Vixen GP 0 Post!
Vixen GP-E 0 Post!
Vixen GP-DX 0 Post!
Vixen Atlux 0 Post!
William Yang GT-1 0 Post!
William Yang GT-1HD 0 Post!
Televue Gibraltar 0 Post!
Astro-Physics 900GTO 0 Post!
Astro-Physics 600EGTO 0 Post!
Astro-Physics 1200GTO 0 Post!
Losmandy HGM Titan 0 Post!
Losmandy HGM-200 0 Post!
Astro-Physics 400GTO 0 Post!
Takahashi EM-2 0 Post!
Tele Optics (APM) Giro 2 Deluxe 0 Post!
Takahashi EM-200 Temma II 0 Post!
Sky Watcher EQ-5 0 Post!
ITE First Magnitude Standard w/Goto 0 Post!
Orion Min-EQ Tabletop Equatorial Mount 0 Post!
Berlebach 18L 0 Post!
Universal Astronomics Unistar Light 0 Post!
Celestron CG-3 0 Post!
Orion Atlas Heavy-Duty Equatorial Mount 0 Post!
Mountain Instruments MI-250 Goto 0 Post!
TeleVue Panoramic 0 Post!
Celestron CG-5 0 Post!
Orion AstroView Equatorial Mount 0 Post!
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