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Name Type Mag ra dec Count Last Vt Vote
MarsPlanet0.00h0m010103/18/2006 Vote!
M81 & M82 (as a pair)Galaxy0.00h0m01903/23/2005 Vote!
MercuryPlanet0.6??109/18/2002 Vote!
Mizar and AlcorDblStar2.20h0m01305/31/2002 Vote!
M33Galaxy5.71h33.9m+30 39207/22/1999 Vote!
M13 globular clusterGlobCl7.016h41m36 282112/12/2003 Vote!
M66 SpiralGalaxy10.011.413211/24/2001 Vote!
m95Galaxy11.010h 43,993m11deg 42,014' Vote!
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