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Name Type Mag ra dec Count Last Vt Vote
Mizar and AlcorDblStar2.20h0m01305/31/2002 Vote!
AlbeiroDblStar0.00h0m01409/11/2005 Vote!
Double DoubleDblStar6.00h0m0812/01/2003 Vote!
Sigma OrionisDblStar3.705h37m0h0m-02d36m42s410/07/2002 Vote!
Charles The GreatDblStar50.015h7m200211/23/2001 Vote!
AndromedaGalaxy3.40h42.7m+41 16'8301/31/2007 Vote!
M33Galaxy5.71h33.9m+30 39207/22/1999 Vote!
Whirlpool GalaxyGalaxy8.113h 29.9m+47 123205/18/2002 Vote!
The NeedleGalaxy0.00h0m0302/13/2000 Vote!
Large Magellanic CloudGalaxy3.05h30m-69405/09/2001 Vote!
M81 & M82 (as a pair)Galaxy0.00h0m01903/23/2005 Vote!
Andromeda's NeedleGalaxy10.00h43m+41.20511/17/2001 Vote!
Leo TripletGalaxy8.911h20m+13.25510/28/2001 Vote!
Virgo ClusterGalaxy9.00h0m0211/23/2001 Vote!
M66 SpiralGalaxy10.011.413211/24/2001 Vote!
Leo Triplet 2Galaxy10.011h 20,239m12 58,898111/24/2001 Vote!
m95Galaxy11.010h 43,993m11deg 42,014' Vote!
Omega CentauriGlobCl3.713h24m-47.02206/24/2004 Vote!
M13 globular clusterGlobCl7.016h41m36 282112/12/2003 Vote!
Grand Cluster of SagittariusGlobCl5.018h36m-23 555106/15/2003 Vote!
47 TucanaeGlobCl4.000h24m-72d05m401/07/2006 Vote!
SiriusGlobCl-1.506h45m00s-16d43m00s601/03/2012 Vote!
Luna, The MoonMoon-13.00h0m015207/20/2005 Vote!
Orion NebulaNebula4.05h35.4m-5 27'14401/17/2006 Vote!
Ring NebulaNebula9.019h16.6m+30 11'1909/09/2002 Vote!
Lagoon NebulaNebula4.618h5m-242206/07/2004 Vote!
Horsehead NebulaNebula0.06h39m-35308/17/2003 Vote!
NGC 6781Nebula12.019h19m+6.5106/01/1998 Vote!
Veil NebulaNebula0.00h0m01601/26/2006 Vote!
Blue SnowballNebula9.023:25.9+42*33'209/14/2004 Vote!
Eta CarinaeNebula0.00h0m0706/18/2003 Vote!
Dumbbell NebulaNebula7.319h 59m+22 43'507/23/2005 Vote!
Swan NebulaeNebula7.018h18.8m -16 11'4302/13/2003 Vote!
Thor's HelmutNebula0.007'18.6"-13*12'104/06/2001 Vote!
ESKIMO NEBULANebula0.07h29m20.55210/19/2001 Vote!
Rotten Egg NebulaNebula0.00h0m0306/24/2004 Vote!
BIRD GALAXYNebula0.00h0m0204/02/2006 Vote!
ABELL39Nebula0.00h0m0706/04/2003 Vote!
North America NebulaNebula0.020h58m44.4705/28/2006 Vote!
Saturn NebulaNebula8.321h4.2m-1122'211/01/2001 Vote!
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