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Brand and Model Legend Price Wt Avg SDev Last Vt Rate
Vixen Lanthanum 30mmMiscNot available138.81.002/26/2006Rate It!
Vixen Lanthanum 4mmP$114.50168.81.012/24/2004Rate It!
Vixen Lanthanum 5mmP$104.5087.90.803/26/2004Rate It!
Vixen Lanthanum 6mmP$104.50299.10.809/27/2010Rate It!
Vixen Lanthanum 9mmP$104.50259.21.306/08/2003Rate It!
Vixen Lanthanum LV50$150.0018.00.007/05/2003Rate It!
Vixen Lanthanum Superwide 13mmMisc$229.00310.00.011/27/2001Rate It!
Vixen Lanthanum Superwide 17mmMisc$235.00110.00.008/19/2002Rate It!
Vixen Lanthanum Superwide 22mmMisc$235.00119.60.511/08/2002Rate It!
Vixen Lanthanum Superwide 3.5mmMisc$229.0029.01.012/11/2003Rate It!
Vixen Lanthanum Superwide 42mmMisc$329.0028.01.001/19/2005Rate It!
Vixen Lanthanum Superwide 5mmMisc$229.0048.31.509/02/2004Rate It!
Vixen Lanthanum Superwide 8mmMisc$229.0079.30.707/21/2002Rate It!
Vixen Lanthanum Zoom 8mm-24mmZo$179.50648.91.402/04/2005Rate It!
Vixen Orthoscopic 12.5mmODiscontinued110.00.010/18/2001Rate It!
Vixen Orthoscopic 6mmODiscontinued99.30.512/08/2001Rate It!
Vixen Orthoscopic 9mmODiscontinued210.00.010/18/2001Rate It!
William Optics 28mm UWANUw$398209.00.003/22/2007Rate It!
William Optics 8-24mm zoomZo@$160.00--Rate It!
William Optics DCL 28mmP$79.00--Rate It!
william optics DCL-28108--Rate It!
William Optics Swan wide angle 15mmUw$78.0058.00.008/15/2007Rate It!
Williams optics SWAN 25mmMisc110$57.00.005/30/2012Rate It!
Williams optics SWAN 40mmMisc120$58.00.004/09/2014Rate It!
Zeiss Abbe Orthoscopic 10mmODiscontinued69.80.404/16/2004Rate It!
Zeiss Abbe Orthoscopic 4mmODiscontinued39.30.906/29/2002Rate It!
Zeiss Abbe Orthoscopic 6mmODiscontinued310.00.012/01/2001Rate It!
Zeiss Abbe Orthoscopic 8mmODiscontinued0--07/28/2000Rate It!
Zeiss Flat Field Orthoscopic 25mmO$95.0029.50.502/13/2003Rate It!
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