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Brand and Model Legend Price Wt Avg SDev Last Vt Rate
Zuiho 7x50BK7C19.00.008/07/2011Rate It!
ZenithC10--Rate It!
Zenit 16x40 IS$600 - $70029.50.503/11/2005Rate It!
Zen-Ray SUMMITRfFmcWp159.30.506/15/2008Rate It!
Zeiss Victory8 X 20 ASRfFmcWp$48019.00.004/28/2003Rate It!
Zeiss Victory (Revised) 10x40 BTRfFmcWp1000--Rate It!
Zeiss T* ClassiC 15x60 B/GABAK4$2295.00210.00.008/21/2007Rate It!
Zeiss T* ClassiC 10x40 B/GA$1149.95610.00.006/02/2008Rate It!
Zeiss Marine 7X50 B/GAWp$600 (used)58.80.404/17/2009Rate It!
Zeiss Jenoptem Jena 10x50 WA$200.0039.00.006/28/2005Rate It!
Zeiss Jenautic 7x50Rf$230 (antique)39.00.010/01/2008Rate It!
Zeiss Jena Jenoptem 7x50 WA$150.0059.00.009/09/2001Rate It!
Zeiss Diafun 8x30B MCRfFmcWp$294.9567.80.412/04/2007Rate It!
Zeiss Classic 8x56$1499.9929.50.510/30/2001Rate It!
Zeiss B/GA T* ClassiC 8x30RfWp$697.0029.00.007/18/2005Rate It!
Zeiss 8x30 B/GA1,00069.70.509/11/2001Rate It!
Zeiss 7x42 B/GARf1,150119.90.306/11/2002Rate It!
Zeiss 20x60S GA ISWp$4499.9588.42.808/31/2005Rate It!
Zeiss 10x561,60038.70.911/13/2001Rate It!
Zeiss 10X40 B/GA T*P Dialyt$900410.00.011/10/2008Rate It!
Vixen Giant 20x100discontinued19.00.003/28/2002Rate It!
Visoner 12x6095.00179.20.412/31/2002Rate It!
Tasco Zip 2002BAK4Fc12.000--03/16/2005Rate It!
Tasco World Class 10x50 WARfdiscontinued--Rate It!
Takahashi Fluorite APO 22x60BAK4Mc$1099.00669.90.301/21/2006Rate It!
Swift UltraLite 8x42$440.0079.10.304/29/2005Rate It!
Swift Kestrel 10x50$495.00348.90.604/04/2012Rate It!
Swift Audubon HR/5BK7Fmc90--Rate It!
Swift Audubon 8x44RfWp$570.00129.20.804/24/2002Rate It!
Swift Audubon 828 HHS 8.5X44RfPhWp$63069.20.412/12/2005Rate It!
Swift Audubon 820 BWCF ED 8.5X44BAK4McWp$700118.90.309/26/2009Rate It!
Swarovski SLC 7x50 BRfWp$1100.001010.00.005/27/2002Rate It!
Swarovski SLC 15x56 WBRfPhWp$1400 - $150099.80.604/15/2011Rate It!
Swarovski Habicht 7x42 GARfWp$800.0039.30.510/18/2004Rate It!
Swarovski EL 8x32RfPhWp1300 - 1400110.00.011/28/2003Rate It!
Swarovski EL 8.5x42 WBRfPhWp150039.01.409/04/2008Rate It!
Swarovski EL 10x42RfPhWp$1400 - $1500209.90.506/07/2008Rate It!
Swarovski 10X25BPRfPh500--Rate It!
Super ZenithC3--Rate It!
Sunagor Zoom 20-120x70£280.0082.50.511/12/2001Rate It!
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