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Brand and Model Legend Price Wt Avg SDev Last Vt Rate
Meade Safari Pro 10x50BAK4Mc$279.00--Rate It!
Kowa 8x45 DCFRfFmcWp$232.95--Rate It!
Kowa 10x45 DCFRfFmcWp$249.95--Rate It!
Sea Bowld HC 7x50 WA$90.00--Rate It!
Celestron Enduro 10x50BAK4Fcdiscontinued--Rate It!
Celestron 10X50 Bird WatcherBAK4Mc$119.000--06/04/2001Rate It!
Fujinon 8X42 BFLBAK4CWp$259.69--Rate It!
Orion Savannah Porro 10x50RfFmcWp$229.000--03/21/2002Rate It!
Meade Infinity 8x25 WARf$60.000--05/04/2002Rate It!
Simmons ProHunter 8x42Rf$91.95--Rate It!
Tasco World Class 10x50 WARfdiscontinued--Rate It!
Russian 25/40x100Mc$1499--Rate It!
Barska Compact 8x25 WPRfWp$109.00--Rate It!
Barska Compact 16x32 WPRfWp$169.00--Rate It!
Orion UltraView 7x50BAK4Fmc$169.00--Rate It!
Fujinon MTR-SX 7x50BAK4McWp$482.95--Rate It!
Orion Little Giant II 20x70BAK4Mc$289.00--Rate It!
Fujinon AR-SX 6x30BAK4C$199.00--Rate It!
Orion Gel-X™ 10x25 Compact BinocularRf$26.95--Rate It!
Barska Military Observation 25-40x100mmBAK4Mc$1699.00--Rate It!
Canon 8x25 ISBAK4Mc--Rate It!
Steiner 20x80 rallyeBAK4McEURO 7000--11/10/2002Rate It!
Fujinon AR-SX 7x50BAK4CWp$309.00--Rate It!
Swarovski 10X25BPRfPh500--Rate It!
Fujinon ARC-SX 7x50BAK4CWp$379.00--Rate It!
Olympus Trooper DPS-R 10x50C$99.95--Rate It!
Nikon Venturer LX 8x20RfFmcWp$2890--08/09/2003Rate It!
Zeiss Victory (Revised) 10x40 BTRfFmcWp1000--Rate It!
Nikon 8x30 DIF WP RAII TrailblazerRfMcWp375 USD--Rate It!
Tasco Zip 2002BAK4Fc12.000--03/16/2005Rate It!
Nikon TitaniumRfPh$325 street0--03/22/2005Rate It!
Pentax PCF III 10x50BAK4Mcdiscontinued--Rate It!
Garrett Optical Genesis 8x45 WPWp$89.95--Rate It!
Garrett Optical Genesis 10x50 WPBAK4FmcWp$99.95--Rate It!
Garrett Optical Gemini 15x70 LWBAK4Fmc$99.95--Rate It!
Kronos 16X50RfC400--01/14/2007Rate It!
ZenithC10--Rate It!
Garrett Optical Gemini 15x70 WPBAK4FmcWp$189.95--Rate It!
Garrett Optical Gemini 20x80 TWPBAK4FmcWp$249.95--Rate It!
Super ZenithC3--Rate It!
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