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Brand and Model Legend Price Wt Avg SDev Last Vt Rate
Cabela's 8x32 WaterproofRfWp$260.0029.00.004/27/1999Rate It!
Canon 10x30 ISBAK4Mc$429.95679.30.710/15/2004Rate It!
Canon 10x42 L IS WPFmcWp109948.80.403/30/2008Rate It!
Canon 12x36 IS IIBAK4Fmc$49919.00.007/18/2005Rate It!
Canon 15x45 ISRfMc$999.9599.20.802/08/2005Rate It!
Canon 15x50 IS-AWRfMcWp$1099.00239.00.712/02/2007Rate It!
Canon 18x50 IS-AWBAK4Wp$1599.9936.71.911/25/2004Rate It!
Canon 8x23 AWPMcWp12019.00.001/22/2003Rate It!
Canon 8x25 ISBAK4Mc--Rate It!
Canon 8x32 WPRfWp$122.99138.20.801/13/2003Rate It!
Carton Adlerblick 10x50BAK4Fmc$250.00208.50.601/29/2006Rate It!
Carton Adlerblick 7 X 50BAK4Fmc$240.00449.70.709/02/2011Rate It!
Carton Adlerblick 7x42BAK4Fmc$319.00178.00.011/09/2001Rate It!
Carton Adlerblick 8x42BAK4Fmc$225.00149.10.307/23/2003Rate It!
Celestron 10X50 Bird WatcherBAK4Mc$119.000--06/04/2001Rate It!
Celestron 20x80 Giant DlxBAK4Fmc$429.95108.20.903/09/2005Rate It!
Celestron 9.5x44 EDBAK4FmcDiscontinued148.50.806/16/2004Rate It!
Celestron Adventurer 7x50BAK4Mc$140.00110.00.008/04/2001Rate It!
Celestron Enduro 10x50BAK4Fcdiscontinued--Rate It!
Celestron Enduro 10x60BK7Fcdiscontinued129.80.612/04/2003Rate It!
Celestron OptiView 10x50 LPRBK7Fc89-9928.01.009/05/2007Rate It!
Celestron Skymaster 15x70BAK4Mc$79-89228.90.906/20/2008Rate It!
Celestron Skymaster 25x100BAK4FmcWp$350.00187.20.902/02/2006Rate It!
Celestron Traveller 10x25BAK4Mc$59.95158.00.010/12/2001Rate It!
Celestron Ultima 10x50BAK4Fmc$249.95279.20.407/31/2005Rate It!
Celestron Ultima 7X50BAK4Fmc$239.95129.90.308/31/2005Rate It!
Celestron Ultima 8x40BAK4Mc$199.95169.00.805/15/2008Rate It!
Celestron Ultima 8x56BAK4Fmc$259.95149.30.810/09/2005Rate It!
Celestron Ultima 9x63BAK4Fmc$369.95129.10.909/12/2004Rate It!
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