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Brand and Model Price Wt Avg Last Vt Rate
Barco 701MM11,00039.311/05/2001 Rate It!
Barco 8011500037.708/05/2003 Rate It!
Barco Graphics 40020,000- Rate It!
Barco Iris 800- Rate It!
Dream vision DL-500$ 6,249- Rate It!
Electrohome 3100/4100Used only $3k-$638.303/29/2001 Rate It!
electrohome 4100- Rate It!
Hitachi 43FDX01B2199187.801/08/2006 Rate It!
Hitachi 50FX30B2,00049.511/16/2004 Rate It!
Hitachi 53SBX59B$2499210.011/05/2002 Rate It!
Hitachi 53udx10b67.803/02/2004 Rate It!
Hitachi 60sbx78b5,295.00 Can39.009/29/2004 Rate It!
Hitachi 61SBX59B-Ultravision$3000.0049.301/10/2006 Rate It!
hitachi 61swx01w27.511/12/2002 Rate It!
Hitachi 61SWX12B?48.510/17/2005 Rate It!
Hitachi Ultravision 36UX58B1399210.009/05/2000 Rate It!
Hitachi Ultravision 46UX24B2,50039.012/10/2002 Rate It!
Hitachi Ultravison 60UX58B$4,300 CDN$610.001/22/2001 Rate It!
Loewe Anaconda39.302/28/2004 Rate It!
Loewe Xelos 5281 ZW200049.005/23/2003 Rate It!
Marantz PV-6070$580019.004/05/1999 Rate It!
Mitsubishi CS-408093,999310.001/31/2003 Rate It!
Mitsubishi VS-457148.309/08/2005 Rate It!
Mitsubishi VS-505012,49978.912/14/2004 Rate It!
Mitsubishi VS-50807$3699.00- Rate It!
Mitsubishi VS-606012,999110.006/22/2004 Rate It!
Mitsubishi VS-607033099118.708/18/2003 Rate It!
Mitsubishi WS-558053999.9519.009/02/2000 Rate It!
Philips ProScreen 4600649535.309/28/2002 Rate It!
Phillips/Magnavox 8P6041C210052.210/26/2004 Rate It!
Pioneer Elite Pro-200$5,80039.704/07/2004 Rate It!
pioneer elite pro610hd$7,30069.212/01/2002 Rate It!
Pioneer SD-P51933000469.802/01/2006 Rate It!
Pioneer SD-P5795W4,19918.003/14/2002 Rate It!
pioneer sd641hd56999210.001/06/2000 Rate It!
Proscan Ps50670$ 1,99944.812/06/2005 Rate It!
PROSCAN PS52690$4,00063.305/14/2004 Rate It!
Samsung CS-722AWT$AUD1700- Rate It!
Samsung PLH-403W$249928.506/26/2003 Rate It!
samsungbj5224010.002/13/2003 Rate It!
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