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Brand and Model Price Wt Avg Last Vt Rate
Soliloquy 5.3$1995.0039.305/06/2006 Rate It!
Soliloquy 6.5$6399/pr19.012/19/2001 Rate It!
Sonus Faber Concerto Grand Piano$3,500.0048.512/01/2004 Rate It!
sonus faber homage$5.000- Rate It!
Sony SAV-E815ED HT speaker System999.95- Rate It!
Sunfire True Sub Junior895 (SRP)- Rate It!
Sunfire True Sub Mk II1299178.412/19/2001 Rate It!
Sunfire True Sub Signature1995- Rate It!
SVS 20-39PC749- Rate It!
Tannoy System 1200$1700.110.007/30/2001 Rate It!
Thiel CS 2.3Approx. $3,50049.312/29/2004 Rate It!
Thiel CS1.52200/pr36.301/26/2001 Rate It!
Velodyne Ct- 120$529.0057.809/27/2005 Rate It!
Velodyne CT-100$429.00210.007/14/2000 Rate It!
Velodyne HGS-101599110.012/24/1998 Rate It!
Von Sch. TS-310$2600- Rate It!
Von Sch. VR-4 G2$400029.003/13/1999 Rate It!
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