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Brand and Model Price Wt Avg Last Vt Rate
Mitsubishi DD-100059958.404/20/2006 Rate It!
Panasonic DVD-K510850147.601/06/2002 Rate It!
Panasonic DVD-A350?168.812/11/2001 Rate It!
Pioneer DV-414525329.111/18/2001 Rate It!
Sony DVP-S300499308.811/14/2001 Rate It!
RCA RC5210P?75.111/09/2001 Rate It!
Creative Labs PC-DVD Encore379256.911/06/2001 Rate It!
Panasonic DVD-A320?710.011/01/2001 Rate It!
MICROMEGA Premium155059.010/31/2001 Rate It!
Sony DVP-S500D699358.910/28/2001 Rate It!
Sony DVP-C600D799109.110/23/2001 Rate It!
Olidata 1999e30087.510/21/2001 Rate It!
Toshiba SD-3108700226.510/21/2001 Rate It!
Sony DVP-K330?410.010/05/2001 Rate It!
Panasonic DVD-A310700419.109/21/2001 Rate It!
Toshiba SD-3109499168.609/12/2001 Rate It!
Panasonic DVD-A115$279.9524.509/09/2001 Rate It!
JVC XV501-BK700177.508/21/2001 Rate It!
Panasonic DVD-A120399.99117.408/21/2001 Rate It!
Panasonic DVD-A105450107.607/30/2001 Rate It!
Toshiba SD-2108599218.307/21/2001 Rate It!
Sony DVP-S330$44936.706/03/2001 Rate It!
Sony DVP-K800D18.006/02/2001 Rate It!
Sony DVP-C650D$69918.006/02/2001 Rate It!
Denon DVD-5000$250059.805/08/2001 Rate It!
Denon DVD-3000899189.505/01/2001 Rate It!
Pioneer DV-606D765169.103/13/2001 Rate It!
Panasonic DVD-A110450729.603/04/2001 Rate It!
Toshiba SD-K330?69.501/24/2001 Rate It!
Panasonic DVD-A360EG550110.012/29/2000 Rate It!
JVC XV-D2000BK100078.412/18/2000 Rate It!
Sony DVP-S7700~1000349.611/03/2000 Rate It!
Pioneer DV-505499299.109/23/2000 Rate It!
Toshiba SD-K310?49.009/06/2000 Rate It!
Toshiba SD-9000$1000410.008/27/2000 Rate It!
Sony DVP-S715?109.707/27/2000 Rate It!
Toshiba SD-M1202$199310.007/11/2000 Rate It!
Kenwood DVF-K7010?29.507/09/2000 Rate It!
Pioneer DV-717?76.907/01/2000 Rate It!
Sony PDB-V30?0-06/13/2000 Rate It!
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