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Brand and Model Price Wt Avg Last Vt Rate
Acurus ACT-3$179978.912/04/2002 Rate It!
Aiwa AV-D9840017.006/06/2002 Rate It!
Aiwa AV-DV70$64975.603/16/2005 Rate It!
B&K AVP3090249829.505/07/1998 Rate It!
B&K AVR 202$2500218.011/22/2002 Rate It!
B&K Reference 20250088.506/27/2003 Rate It!
Cambridge Audio Digital Surround Decoder63411.009/15/2001 Rate It!
Denon AVC-A12500159.311/15/2002 Rate It!
Denon AVR-18024990-12/31/2003 Rate It!
Denon AVR-280279919.008/17/2004 Rate It!
Denon AVR-38021199.0049.511/13/2002 Rate It!
Denon AVR-4802249938.703/07/2004 Rate It!
Denon AVR-5800379919.007/12/2004 Rate It!
Harman Kardon 3470449- Rate It!
Harman Kardon AVR 12044946.005/10/2006 Rate It!
Harman Kardon AVR 220549110.002/16/2003 Rate It!
Harman Kardon AVR 32079938.308/29/2004 Rate It!
Harman Kardon AVR 52099959.201/25/2005 Rate It!
Harman Kardon AVR 8000279979.409/15/2004 Rate It!
JVC RX-1024VBK$90029.502/16/2006 Rate It!
JVC RX-1028VBK$900.00110.010/06/2000 Rate It!
JVC RX-888VBK55069.506/22/2005 Rate It!
Kenwood 51038.311/21/2002 Rate It!
Kenwood KR-V990D800215.706/21/2005 Rate It!
Kenwood KR-X1000120088.503/05/2006 Rate It!
Lexicon MC-1650049.805/30/2004 Rate It!
Marantz AV-550100098.202/12/2000 Rate It!
Marantz AV-9000179939.302/04/2003 Rate It!
Marantz sr 7339.311/22/2004 Rate It!
marantz sr-1938.711/20/2002 Rate It!
Nad C34019.007/24/2004 Rate It!
Nakamichi AV-101599108.211/28/2002 Rate It!
Nakamichi AV-500$300.00 @ Best B168.602/10/2003 Rate It!
Oknyo TX-DS 777650.-999- Rate It!
Onkyo TX-DS57550089.007/02/2005 Rate It!
Onkyo TX-DS656?189.312/12/2004 Rate It!
ONKYO TX-DS67672019.012/15/2002 Rate It!
Onkyo TX-DS7771000248.710/17/2005 Rate It!
ONKYO TX-DS8981499.0059.212/21/2002 Rate It!
Onkyo TX-DS9392800419.407/03/2005 Rate It!
Onkyo TX-DS989~$2,175.00- Rate It!
Onkyo TX-SV55569948.801/18/2002 Rate It!
Onkyo TX-SV64664938.302/19/2005 Rate It!
Onkyo TX-SV828THX1000109.408/28/2005 Rate It!
Parasound AVC1800120039.003/07/2001 Rate It!
Pioneer Elite VSX-24TX100079.102/07/2005 Rate It!
Pioneer Elite VSX-29TX$2,300.0066.307/30/2001 Rate It!
Pioneer ELITE VSX27tx$1650410.001/26/2001 Rate It!
pioneer keh P3600 35x419.010/08/2001 Rate It!
Pioneer VSX-05100058.004/20/2000 Rate It!
Pioneer VSX-09TX175039.712/15/1998 Rate It!
Pioneer VSX-21$59532.703/08/2006 Rate It!
Pioneer VSX-808600$39.002/23/2001 Rate It!
Pioneer VSX-D40932527.505/13/2004 Rate It!
Pioneer VSX-D45737557.404/08/2005 Rate It!
Pioneer VSX-D509S43578.603/26/2004 Rate It!
Pioneer VSX-D606S970147.112/26/2005 Rate It!
Pioneer VSX-D607S$725110.007/03/2005 Rate It!
Pioneer VSX-D608550139.309/17/2001 Rate It!
Proceed AVP$5000310.009/28/1999 Rate It!
Proton 2681~1000$- Rate It!
Rotel RSP-985?68.701/16/2006 Rate It!
Sherwood Newcastle AVP-9080$120089.103/22/2001 Rate It!
Sherwood Newcastle R-945129979.105/17/1999 Rate It!
Sherwood R-925RDS?68.003/17/2004 Rate It!
Sherwood RVD8090RDS?28.008/08/2000 Rate It!
Sony STR-DA555ES1000110.009/07/2001 Rate It!
Sony STR-DA777ES1499178.402/13/2006 Rate It!
Sony STR-DE107570029.001/06/2002 Rate It!
Sony STR-DE975600- Rate It!
Sony STR-V555ES130037.702/19/2005 Rate It!
Sony TA-E9000ES$1700229.011/19/2004 Rate It!
Teac AG-D9230$59937.007/22/2001 Rate It!
Technics SA-DX930350188.201/03/2002 Rate It!
Technics SA-DX940250158.703/31/2006 Rate It!
Technics SA-TX30$899.0058.809/10/2004 Rate It!
Technics SF-DX6699.9596.610/30/2001 Rate It!
Technics SH-AC300$3300-09/28/2005 Rate It!
Technics SH-AC500D34989.303/14/2004 Rate It!
Toshiba XB-5107519.0025.005/22/1999 Rate It!
Yamaha DDP-230019.010/26/1999 Rate It!
Yamaha DSP A-12695739.504/17/2000 Rate It!
yamaha hrt 5150499- Rate It!
Yamaha R-V1105$799108.905/28/2004 Rate It!
Yamaha R-V905$59949.504/08/2005 Rate It!
Yamaha RX-V13600.0059.403/14/2006 Rate It!
yamaha rx-v1070110.007/05/2005 Rate It!
Yamaha RX-V2095 w/DTS1599329.210/23/2001 Rate It!
yamaha RX-v596us28.510/03/2004 Rate It!
Yamaha RX-V795799197.905/09/2001 Rate It!
Yamaha RX-V995999309.009/17/2004 Rate It!
Yamaha RX-Z12799- Rate It!
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