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Brand and Model Legend Price Wt Avg SDev Last Vt Rate
Celestron C5+Scdiscontinued479.51.601/30/2004Rate It!
Meade 178EDRa$5995.00478.62.210/24/2014Rate It!
TeleVue 76Ra1275 (OTA)469.90.311/11/2010Rate It!
Orion ED 80mm OTARa$499.00458.82.802/16/2007Rate It!
TEC 140Ra45004410.00.001/25/2008Rate It!
Discovery 10" f/6 PremiumN$879.00429.80.503/09/2004Rate It!
Willam Yang 80mm Semi APO MegrezRa529.00418.90.701/11/2004Rate It!
Edmund Voyager 6001Rc$125 & up Used417.00.007/11/2008Rate It!
Skywatcher 8" DOBN3 - 400408.40.703/20/2012Rate It!
Edmund 3" Red OTAN???408.00.005/13/2002Rate It!
Bausch & Lomb 4000Scdiscontinued396.82.003/12/2014Rate It!
Meade LXD55 AR-6Rc$895.00398.40.604/01/2008Rate It!
Takahashi FS-78Ra1300389.61.204/22/2009Rate It!
Orion ED 100mm OTARc9993810.00.211/03/2014Rate It!
Meade Starfinder 10" EQN$799.00376.81.710/16/2003Rate It!
Obsession 15" f/4.5N$3495379.20.711/25/2008Rate It!
Meade LXD55 SN-8$729 + $85376.31.908/04/2005Rate It!
Celestron G-5Sc750368.71.809/28/2002Rate It!
VIXEN GP M 102Rc1400358.30.603/14/2007Rate It!
Discovery 8" dobsonian reflectorN399358.90.910/17/2004Rate It!
Celestron Ultima 11Sc$3995358.71.709/11/2002Rate It!
Celestron NexStar 8Sc$1499.00358.71.512/09/2002Rate It!
Meade 4500N$399344.73.110/30/2011Rate It!
Orion SkyView Deluxe 8 EQN$549.00348.70.604/27/2006Rate It!
Coulter 13.1" DobsonianN799338.31.510/28/2014Rate It!
Discovery PDHQ 12.5"N1249338.21.110/06/2006Rate It!
Meade Starfinder 16 DobsonianN1195326.23.205/16/2012Rate It!
Televue RangerRc850328.02.110/06/2012Rate It!
Criterion RV-6 DynascopeNno longer availa329.50.703/13/2009Rate It!
Takahashi FS-60CRa995.00329.61.109/30/2009Rate It!
Orion ShortTube 90mmRc$329.00318.91.201/15/2003Rate It!
Celestron NexStar 80 GTRc$349.00316.43.003/05/2005Rate It!
Meade DS-2114ATSN495.00315.02.307/07/2013Rate It!
Intes Micro MK-67Mc$843.00309.70.503/13/2004Rate It!
StarMaster 18" f/4.5 DobsonianN3795309.90.501/29/2004Rate It!
Borg 100EDRa$1410.00309.31.102/29/2012Rate It!
Celestron Ultima 2000-8Sc2699298.91.106/28/2010Rate It!
Takahashi Sky-90Ra298.91.301/19/2010Rate It!
Brandon 94 f/6.8Ra$1200.00289.00.811/23/2003Rate It!
Meade Starfinder 10" Dobsonian DeluxeN650286.72.110/23/2002Rate It!
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