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Brand and Model Legend Price Wt Avg SDev Last Vt Rate
HT Precision Optics APOMAXRa279569.80.407/23/2007Rate It!
ZEISS APQ 100mm F640mmRa$6000.0069.80.405/26/2013Rate It!
Takahashi FS-128Ra8000239.80.405/07/2018Rate It!
Astro-Physics StarFire 130 f/8 EDTRa$4795.00179.80.711/06/2000Rate It!
Pentax PF-80 EDRa$1000 (zoom)279.80.403/03/2008Rate It!
Vixen E.D 102/660Ra1200169.80.705/07/2018Rate It!
Discovery 10" f/6 PremiumN$879.00429.80.503/09/2004Rate It!
Parks Optical Superior 8" f/6N$2899.95109.80.608/11/2001Rate It!
Parks 6" f/8 AstrolightN$999.95109.80.403/24/2001Rate It!
Takahashi FCT-100Ra$6,500 to $7,00059.80.409/09/2002Rate It!
Stellarvue 102EDTRc$1695.00139.80.407/12/2004Rate It!
TeleVue 102Ra$2049.95689.81.202/06/2010Rate It!
Celestron Ultima 9.25Sc3995249.80.512/08/2004Rate It!
Teleport 10"N2750.0089.80.701/27/2008Rate It!
Vixen ED 80Ra1400 USD in fran89.80.403/03/2008Rate It!
NightSky Scopes 16"N$2750 - $370089.80.711/24/2004Rate It!
Novosibirsk/Sovietski TAL-150PMN$55049.80.404/06/2004Rate It!
Unitron Model 152 4" Equatorial RefractorRc49.80.405/12/2005Rate It!
Burgess 1278Rc48949.80.412/12/2004Rate It!
Televue Nagler Petzval 101Raaround 3400279.71.008/17/2009Rate It!
Orion Express 80Rc39979.70.510/15/2005Rate It!
Intes Micro MK-67Mc$843.00309.70.503/13/2004Rate It!
Celestron/Vixen C102FRa$1500 OTA99.70.702/16/2008Rate It!
StarMaster 10" f/6 DobsonianN189569.70.511/17/2001Rate It!
Ceravolo HD-145N$2475with rings&69.70.501/04/2002Rate It!
Takahashi MT-130N$130039.70.506/03/2002Rate It!
Astro-Physics StarFire 12EDRadiscontinued39.70.502/18/2003Rate It!
Discovery PDHQ 10"N94939.70.502/27/2012Rate It!
Astro-Physics 6" F/12 SuperplanetaryRaNLA39.70.502/22/2013Rate It!
Novosibirsk/Sovietski Tal-2mN749179.60.603/27/2002Rate It!
Vixen FL102SRa2500119.60.505/06/2006Rate It!
Takahashi FS-78Ra1300389.61.204/22/2009Rate It!
Zeiss Jena Telementor C63/840Rc199.60.609/10/2014Rate It!
Takahashi FS-60CRa995.00329.61.109/30/2009Rate It!
Celestron Comet CatcherSndiscontinued89.60.511/18/2013Rate It!
Orion AstroView 90mm EQ RefractorRc$299.0089.60.512/11/2004Rate It!
TMB 115 CNCRaabout $500089.60.510/18/2005Rate It!
Meade LX200 12"Sc$2995.001139.61.211/12/2005Rate It!
TeleVue 101Ra$2760289.61.511/14/2016Rate It!
Astro-Physics StarFire 152Radiscontinued79.60.703/03/2018Rate It!
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