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Brand and Model Legend Price Wt Avg SDev Last Vt Rate
Konus Motormax 130Mc545--Rate It!
Bushnell Voyager 76mmN$170--Rate It!
Meade LXD75 N-6N600--Rate It!
Starmaster V-8N2895--Rate It!
Celestron C-10ScVaries--Rate It!
Meade LXD75 AR6Rc$1099-$1199--Rate It!
Zhumell Eclipse 114N$149.95--Rate It!
iOptron SmartStar-E-R80Ra309--Rate It!
Orion Premium 102mm f/7 EDRa899--Rate It!
Explore Scientific 127Ra1900--Rate It!
Bausch and Lomb 6000Sc350.00--Rate It!
Celestron NexStar 60GTRp29930.70.909/03/2012Rate It!
Bausch & Lomb Pro 60Rc$225.0011.00.003/10/2002Rate It!
Tasco 302911N360.00 (? 225.0011.00.012/21/2001Rate It!
Uniwersal U8 "Comets Finder"N680$11.00.001/04/2008Rate It!
Bushnell 78-2061Rc$99.0052.00.010/25/2002Rate It!
TeleHoon 120mm ED SemiAPORa$100082.13.404/17/2001Rate It!
Hardin 8" ReflectorN$299.00142.43.202/16/2005Rate It!
Uniwersal U131000$22.51.503/23/2007Rate It!
Celestron C65Mc$59-$85.95103.00.007/19/2006Rate It!
North Star Systems - Star Tron IIN53913.00.007/12/2002Rate It!
iOptron SmartStar-E-MC90Mc44013.00.009/09/2011Rate It!
Galileo G-45LT-ME 4.5"N$399.0093.42.705/17/2012Rate It!
Meade DS-114ATN$368193.62.911/11/2005Rate It!
TScope Model 14"N2375.00573.72.003/04/2009Rate It!
Meade Lightbridge 12"N1000194.23.409/16/2016Rate It!
Meade Starfinder 6" DobN$25094.33.710/21/2010Rate It!
Celestron CompustarSc24.51.512/22/2008Rate It!
Maksutov-Cassegrain 90mmF5.6Mc~$30094.61.910/25/2002Rate It!
Meade DS-70Rp$24954.62.208/20/2001Rate It!
Meade 4500N$399344.73.110/30/2011Rate It!
Meade LXD55 SN-10$879 + $95664.93.610/20/2004Rate It!
Meade DS-2114ATSN495.00315.02.307/07/2013Rate It!
Meade DS-127-ECN49965.02.306/21/2001Rate It!
Celestron Tabletop 76N$99.9545.04.108/29/2004Rate It!
Galileo 900Rp25.02.009/17/2001Rate It!
Discovery 13.1 DHQ soda-limeN99925.04.006/10/2004Rate It!
Guan Sheng GS-600N59925.01.007/07/2013Rate It!
Tasco Starguide 4Mc59915.00.012/13/2001Rate It!
Celestron CGE-920Sc$3799.9515.00.009/03/2012Rate It!
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