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Brand and Model Legend Price Wt Avg SDev Last Vt Rate
Astro-Physics 6" F/12 SuperplanetaryRaNLA39.70.502/22/2013Rate It!
Vixen 80SSRc29.50.501/01/2010Rate It!
Uniwersal U5Nno longer0--10/31/2004Rate It!
Meade LXD75 SN-10Sn137.51.610/07/2011Rate It!
William Optics Megrez familyRa0--06/09/2006Rate It!
Celestron C-10ScVaries--Rate It!
Royce 10"TBD68.73.005/17/2012Rate It!
Orion 120ED (OTA)Ra510.00.012/11/2010Rate It!
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