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Brand and Model Legend Price Wt Avg SDev Last Vt Rate
Novosibirsk/Sovietski TAL-MN19928.01.009/23/2013Rate It!
StarMaster 12.5" DobsonianN22952610.00.208/31/2013Rate It!
Meade DS-2114ATSN495.00315.02.307/07/2013Rate It!
TMB 100Ra99.60.707/07/2013Rate It!
Guan Sheng GS-600N59925.01.007/07/2013Rate It!
Starmaster 16" f/4.3 DobsonianN$359559.41.207/06/2013Rate It!
Astronomix 80mm Fluorite TripletRa$1200.0067.01.205/28/2013Rate It!
ZEISS APQ 100mm F640mmRa$6000.0069.80.405/26/2013Rate It!
Lomo Astele 203Mc1800110.00.005/26/2013Rate It!
Stellarvue AT1010 (OTA)Rc$349.951019.40.904/08/2013Rate It!
Intes Micro MK-69Mc1199110.00.003/06/2013Rate It!
Astro-Physics 6" F/12 SuperplanetaryRaNLA39.70.502/22/2013Rate It!
Meade LX-50 10"Sc1695499.11.002/06/2013Rate It!
COULTER 8" F-7 DOBSONIANN399167.82.301/31/2013Rate It!
Meade NGC-60Rc$239.0045.32.301/30/2013Rate It!
Meade LX-90 10"Sc269918.00.001/15/2013Rate It!
Intes Micro MN-56Mn$795.00929.90.412/27/2012Rate It!
Celestron C8 SPScdisocntinued58.61.010/30/2012Rate It!
Televue RangerRc850328.02.110/06/2012Rate It!
Celestron NexStar 60GTRp29930.70.909/03/2012Rate It!
Celestron CGE-920Sc$3799.9515.00.009/03/2012Rate It!
Stellarvue 102DRc$995.0078.63.109/03/2012Rate It!
Borg 76EDRa$693.00258.22.509/03/2012Rate It!
Celestron C6 SPNdiscontinued138.61.808/25/2012Rate It!
Edmund 4 1/4" ReflectorN65488.02.608/25/2012Rate It!
Tasco Starguide 80GTRc34977.90.307/28/2012Rate It!
TMB 80mm f6Ra1,390 dollars49.30.807/28/2012Rate It!
DGM Optics OA-4.0$745.00239.90.406/22/2012Rate It!
Williams Optics FLT110 APORa300069.01.006/15/2012Rate It!
Orion AstroView 100mm EQ RefractorRc$399.00139.40.606/08/2012Rate It!
Meade LX200 ACF 12"Sc4495110.00.005/20/2012Rate It!
Galileo G-45LT-ME 4.5"N$399.0093.42.705/17/2012Rate It!
Meade ETX-70ATRc$249.00918.71.605/17/2012Rate It!
Skywatcher 120Rp277.61.905/17/2012Rate It!
Royce 10"TBD68.73.005/17/2012Rate It!
Astro-Physics StarFire 102Radiscontinued39.00.005/17/2012Rate It!
Skywatcher 6" DobN$299148.61.005/16/2012Rate It!
Parks Jovian 90 WPMc69978.10.305/16/2012Rate It!
Orion SkyView Pro 100mm EQ RefractorRc$469.0035.70.905/16/2012Rate It!
Orion 6" f/8 OTAN179217.71.505/16/2012Rate It!
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