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Brand and Model Legend Price Wt Avg SDev Last Vt Rate
Meade ETX-90ECMc$595.002348.11.704/07/2009Rate It!
Orion SkyQuest XT10 DobsonianN$599.001819.21.006/04/2014Rate It!
Discovery Truss 17.5"N$3399.001658.80.605/08/2019Rate It!
Takahashi FS-102Ra$2775.001629.61.211/20/2015Rate It!
Orion SkyQuest XT6 (Intelliscope) DobsonianN$299.001609.21.101/22/2010Rate It!
Meade LX-90 8"Sc$1695.001609.31.510/15/2011Rate It!
Celestron G-9¼Sc$1199.001259.20.905/31/2004Rate It!
Orion StarMax 127mm Mak-CassMc$569.001238.61.507/04/2004Rate It!
TeleVue 85Ra$1995.001189.90.311/01/2005Rate It!
Orion SkyQuest XT8 (IntelliScope) DobsonianN$479.001149.41.104/22/2012Rate It!
Meade LX200 12"Sc$2995.001139.61.211/12/2005Rate It!
Celestron Nexstar 11 GPSSc$2999.951089.11.506/14/2006Rate It!
Stellarvue AT1010 (OTA)Rc$349.951019.40.904/08/2013Rate It!
Celestron CR150-HDRc$799.951008.21.502/16/2005Rate It!
Intes Micro MN-56Mn$795.00929.90.412/27/2012Rate It!
Meade ETX-70ATRc$249.00918.71.605/17/2012Rate It!
Questar 3.5Mc$4050.00879.51.312/08/2014Rate It!
Celestron NexStar 5Sc$1199.00868.71.310/07/2007Rate It!
Orion ShortTube 80mm EQ RefractorRc$279.00808.31.004/16/2006Rate It!
Celestron C102-HDRc$449.00808.70.802/26/2016Rate It!
Edmund Scientific Astroscan 2001N$299.00757.91.206/20/2005Rate It!
Meade ETX-125ECMc895.00757.62.805/16/2012Rate It!
Televue Pronto$775.00729.11.410/08/2005Rate It!
Meade LX-10 8"Sc$1099.95689.21.204/08/2004Rate It!
TeleVue 102Ra$2049.95689.81.202/06/2010Rate It!
Orion AstroView 120ST EQRc$499.00678.91.202/17/2016Rate It!
Meade LXD55 SN-10$879 + $95664.93.610/20/2004Rate It!
Celestron Celestar 8Scdiscontinued648.51.408/14/2021Rate It!
Orion AstroView 120mm EQ RefractorRc$499.00598.31.503/06/2010Rate It!
William Optics Megrez 80 mm II ED TripletRa$799599.11.107/12/2009Rate It!
Novosibirsk Tal 100RRc500?589.41.406/07/2010Rate It!
TScope Model 14"N2375.00573.72.003/04/2009Rate It!
Meade LX200 8"Sc2795548.71.702/03/2008Rate It!
Celestron G-8Sc$979.95528.61.612/07/2003Rate It!
Orion Starmax 102 Mak/CassMc$389.00509.31.212/12/2009Rate It!
Meade LX200 GPS 8''Sc$2495509.90.407/07/2008Rate It!
Meade LX-50 10"Sc1695499.11.002/06/2013Rate It!
Meade ETX-60ATRc$199.00486.82.105/08/2004Rate It!
Edmund 4 1/4" ReflectorN65488.02.608/25/2012Rate It!
Meade LX200 10"Sc3150478.51.702/03/2008Rate It!
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