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Brand and Model Legend Price Wt Avg SDev Last Vt Rate
Mag One Portaball 10"Napprox. $2100410.00.008/22/2015Rate It!
Mag One Portaball 12.5"N$2800.001410.00.011/21/2004Rate It!
Mag One Portaball 8"N1380 +910.00.004/24/2010Rate It!
Maksutov-Cassegrain 90mmF5.6Mc~$30094.61.910/25/2002Rate It!
Meade 102EDRa$2795.00279.21.807/06/2008Rate It!
Meade 127EDRa$3295.00117.81.710/24/2014Rate It!
Meade 152EDRa$4995.00149.01.605/17/2005Rate It!
Meade 178EDRa$5995.00478.62.210/24/2014Rate It!
Meade 203SC/500Scdisocntinued98.21.104/17/2002Rate It!
Meade 2045 4" SCTScdiscontinued78.91.609/04/2011Rate It!
Meade 2080 8" SCTScdiscontinued137.51.004/27/2002Rate It!
Meade 395Rc$399128.11.205/16/2021Rate It!
Meade 4500N$399344.73.110/30/2011Rate It!
Meade 4501Naround $40029.50.503/03/2010Rate It!
Meade 4504N$29936.71.212/15/2004Rate It!
Meade 90mm Achro (#310)Rcdiscontinued108.01.312/16/2001Rate It!
Meade DS 60Rc138 (at Walmart)126.12.102/25/2003Rate It!
Meade DS-10N47.50.510/22/2007Rate It!
Meade DS-114ATN$368193.62.911/11/2005Rate It!
Meade DS-114ECN$399.95225.62.812/09/2002Rate It!
Meade DS-114EQ-DH4N$300108.21.212/05/2005Rate It!
Meade DS-127-ECN49975.32.208/12/2020Rate It!
Meade DS-2114ATSN495.00315.02.307/07/2013Rate It!
Meade DS-70Rp$24954.62.208/20/2001Rate It!
Meade DS-90ECRp469196.71.610/21/2005Rate It!
Meade DS2090 At-TCRp$25028.50.502/15/2011Rate It!
Meade ETX-105ECMc695189.21.103/06/2009Rate It!
Meade ETX-125 PEMc36.32.508/04/2009Rate It!
Meade ETX-125ECMc895.00757.62.805/16/2012Rate It!
Meade ETX-60ATRc$199.00486.82.105/08/2004Rate It!
Meade ETX-70ATRc$249.00918.71.605/17/2012Rate It!
Meade ETX-80AT-TCRc279.0069.00.010/25/2007Rate It!
Meade ETX-90ECMc$595.002348.11.704/07/2009Rate It!
Meade ETX90-RAMc$180176.20.703/23/2004Rate It!
Meade Lightbridge 12"N1000194.23.409/16/2016Rate It!
Meade Lightbridge Deluxe 16"N1899108.00.012/11/2010Rate It!
MEADE LT-8 ACF$1399.0019.00.007/09/2011Rate It!
Meade LX-10 8"Sc$1099.95689.21.204/08/2004Rate It!
Meade LX-50 10"Sc1695499.11.002/06/2013Rate It!
Meade LX-50 7"Mcno longer made188.51.601/26/2004Rate It!
Meade LX-50 8"Sc1395228.60.701/19/2003Rate It!
Meade LX-6 2120Sc6000248.80.510/31/2010Rate It!
Meade LX-90 10"Sc269918.00.001/15/2013Rate It!
Meade LX-90 8"Sc$1695.001609.31.510/15/2011Rate It!
Meade LX200 10"Sc3150478.51.702/03/2008Rate It!
Meade LX200 12"Sc$2995.001139.61.211/12/2005Rate It!
Meade LX200 16"Sc14,950105.73.611/10/2014Rate It!
Meade LX200 7"Mc$3295.00198.90.607/11/2003Rate It!
Meade LX200 8"Sc2795548.71.702/03/2008Rate It!
Meade LX200 ACF 12"Sc4495110.00.005/20/2012Rate It!
Meade LX200 GPS 10"Sc$2495.00158.60.904/28/2009Rate It!
Meade LX200 GPS 12"Sc$2995129.30.801/02/2004Rate It!
Meade LX200 GPS 14"Sc$4295.00209.30.910/24/2004Rate It!
Meade LX200 GPS 8''Sc$2495509.90.407/07/2008Rate It!
MEADE LX200R 8" UHTC$ 2,674.00110.00.005/17/2009Rate It!
Meade LX3 10"Scdiscontinued187.21.608/31/2007Rate It!
Meade LXD500 102/AchrRc695118.21.709/10/2002Rate It!
Meade LXD55 AR-5Rc$695.00268.41.408/30/2004Rate It!
Meade LXD55 AR-6Rc$895.00398.40.604/01/2008Rate It!
Meade LXD55 SC-8Sc$1195.0037.71.203/29/2007Rate It!
Meade LXD55 SN-10$879 + $95664.93.610/20/2004Rate It!
Meade LXD55 SN-6$599 + $7558.60.801/23/2014Rate It!
Meade LXD55 SN-8$729 + $85376.31.908/04/2005Rate It!
Meade LXD75 8" SNSn100018.00.006/17/2007Rate It!
Meade LXD75 AR6Rc$1099-$1199--Rate It!
Meade LXD75 N-6N600--Rate It!
Meade LXD75 SN-10Sn137.51.610/07/2011Rate It!
Meade NGC-60Rc$239.0045.32.301/30/2013Rate It!
Meade NGC-60(Telestar)Rc19918.00.002/13/2006Rate It!
Meade Research Series 1060N$200059.00.009/10/2003Rate It!
Meade Series 5000 ED APO RefractorRa899110.00.001/02/2009Rate It!
Meade Starfinder 10" Dobsonian DeluxeN650286.72.110/23/2002Rate It!
Meade Starfinder 10" EQN$799.00376.81.710/16/2003Rate It!
Meade Starfinder 12.5" DobsonianN$895217.81.106/06/2008Rate It!
Meade Starfinder 16 DobsonianN1195326.23.205/16/2012Rate It!
Meade Starfinder 6" DobN$25094.33.710/21/2010Rate It!
Meade Starfinder 6" EQN$600-$70058.60.502/03/2001Rate It!
Meade Starfinder 8" dobN$850 Cdn147.91.108/21/2002Rate It!
Meade Starfinder 8" EQN59968.71.204/28/2021Rate It!
Meade Starfinfer 16" EQN$269528.01.002/06/2002Rate It!
Murnaghan Odyssey 8" f4.5N399.9516.00.001/24/2001Rate It!
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