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Name Wt Avg Last Vt Rate
Amazon.com279.0 10/07/2004 Rate It!
Anime Crash46.8 08/29/2004 Rate It!
Anime Nation227.8 09/26/2008 Rate It!
anime plus310.0 02/10/2000 Rate It!
Buy.com96.4 01/31/2007 Rate It!
Connection M.D.210.0 08/05/2004 Rate It!
DBZ Specialty Store206.7 11/13/2001 Rate It!
Discount Anime dvd74.1 05/01/2006 Rate It!
DVD Express88.1 07/17/2001 Rate It!
Half Moon Bookstore Rate It!
Hollywood video4210.0 10/08/2004 Rate It!
Media Play (Milipitas)68.8 09/28/2002 Rate It!
NetFlix794.8 06/09/2004 Rate It!
Nikaku Animart58.6 10/02/2002 Rate It!
Spree (Buy 2 get 1 free!)110.0 07/25/1998 Rate It!
Super Collector66.0 11/08/2002 Rate It!
The Manga Store: shop online210.0 01/24/2001 Rate It!
The Place36.7 01/15/2000 Rate It!
The Right Stuf98.0 09/26/2008 Rate It!
UCI Bookstore15.0 08/19/1998 Rate It!
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