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Name Wt Avg Last Vt Rate
Di Gi charat219.0 08/29/2007 Rate It!
Digimon2368.6 03/11/2006 Rate It!
Detective Conan219.0 03/11/2006 Rate It!
Dragonball GT4429.1 10/31/2005 Rate It!
Dangaioh537.5 07/24/2004 Rate It!
Dragonball (TV)949.4 07/12/2004 Rate It!
Delinquent in Drag38.0 04/09/2004 Rate It!
Dragonball Z: Dead Zone716.3 09/08/2003 Rate It!
Dragonball Z (TV)2338.2 07/29/2003 Rate It!
Dragonball Z: The World's Strongest657.3 07/31/2002 Rate It!
Dragonball Z: The Tree of Might766.6 07/31/2002 Rate It!
Dragonball Movie 2: Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle188.8 05/30/2002 Rate It!
Dragon Half328.8 05/27/2002 Rate It!
Darkside Blues148.7 05/27/2002 Rate It!
DNA^2218.0 04/22/2002 Rate It!
Devilman247.3 02/25/2002 Rate It!
Detonator Orgun79.1 02/18/2002 Rate It!
Devil Hunter Yohko (Mamono Hunter Yohko)488.8 12/28/2001 Rate It!
Dark Warrior34.0 06/13/2000 Rate It!
Doraemon210.0 06/07/2000 Rate It!
Dominon Tank Police68.2 06/03/2000 Rate It!
Demon City Shinjuku387.4 05/31/2000 Rate It!
Demon Beast Invasion38.7 05/30/2000 Rate It!
Debutante Detective Corps161.9 05/28/2000 Rate It!
Doomed Megalopolis23.5 04/23/2000 Rate It!
Dragonball: Curse of the Blood Rubies89.0 04/06/2000 Rate It!
Dragon Pink57.0 03/29/2000 Rate It!
Dirty Pair:Project Eden28.5 03/06/2000 Rate It!
Dirty Pair: Affair on Nolandia19.0 03/06/2000 Rate It!
Dirty Pair Flash57.6 02/21/2000 Rate It!
Dagger of Kamui68.0 02/06/2000 Rate It!
Dancougar38.3 12/26/1999 Rate It!
Dragon Knight97.0 12/20/1999 Rate It!
D-1 Devastator OAV 1-236.0 11/27/1999 Rate It!
Dragon Slayer17.0 08/05/1999 Rate It!
Dragon Century005/20/1999 Rate It!
Dallos Rate It!
Dancing Girl, The Rate It!
Dangard Ace Rate It!
Dark Cat Rate It!
Dark Myth Rate It!
Demetan Croaker Rate It!
Domain of Murder Rate It!
Doreamon Rate It!
Dragon League Rate It!
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