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Name Wt Avg Last Vt Rate
InuYasha6010.0 02/27/2006 Rate It!
Ranma 1/2 OAV: The Two Akanes5610.0 03/14/2005 Rate It!
Ranma 1/2 OAV: Oh Cursed Tunnel of Lost Love4910.0 04/17/2003 Rate It!
Lupin III's Greatest Capers4310.0 02/01/2003 Rate It!
Ranma 1/2: Martial Mayhem4210.0 01/29/2003 Rate It!
Macross TV (Robotech: Macross)4010.0 09/17/2002 Rate It!
Irresponsible Captain Tylor OAVs4010.0 07/31/2002 Rate It!
Macross 7 Dynamite3210.0 09/17/2002 Rate It!
Naruto2310.0 01/17/2006 Rate It!
Pita Ten1910.0 01/30/2004 Rate It!
Angel the Flower Child (Hana no Ko LunLun)1710.0 01/16/2006 Rate It!
Azumanga Daioh1110.0 05/13/2006 Rate It!
Last Exile1110.0 02/02/2005 Rate It!
Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team1010.0 03/20/2005 Rate It!
Fruits Basket810.0 03/30/2005 Rate It!
On Your Mark - A Chage & Aska Music Video610.0 07/28/2002 Rate It!
Record of Lodoss War - Chronicles of the Heroic Knight610.0 02/02/2003 Rate It!
Gravitation610.0 04/13/2005 Rate It!
Martian Successor Nadesico510.0 02/15/2003 Rate It!
New Mobile War Chronicles: Gundam W - Endless Waltz310.0 07/16/2004 Rate It!
Fairy Princess Ren310.0 04/29/2000 Rate It!
Brother, Dear Brother210.0 01/07/2000 Rate It!
Doraemon210.0 06/07/2000 Rate It!
New Cutey Honey210.0 12/21/1999 Rate It!
Adventure Kid210.0 05/15/2002 Rate It!
Chobit210.0 10/17/2005 Rate It!
Yamato: Final Voyage110.0 11/07/1999 Rate It!
El Hazard OAV 2110.0 12/20/1999 Rate It!
NG Knight Lamune & 40110.0 02/18/2000 Rate It!
Twin Dolls:Legend of the Heavenly Beast110.0 03/09/2000 Rate It!
Blade of Kamui110.0 03/10/2000 Rate It!
Chimera110.0 06/02/1999 Rate It!
Gigantor110.0 02/22/2000 Rate It!
Hanappe Bazooka110.0 12/20/1999 Rate It!
Kekko Kamen110.0 06/06/2000 Rate It!
Maris The Chojo110.0 12/21/1999 Rate It!
Shonan Bakusozuku110.0 03/31/2000 Rate It!
Super Atragon: The Motion Picture110.0 12/14/1999 Rate It!
Urusei Yatsura: Inaba the Dream-maker110.0 12/21/1999 Rate It!
Unico110.0 02/01/2000 Rate It!
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