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Name Wt Avg Last Vt Rate
Card Captor Sakura1178.7 03/11/2006 Rate It!
Card Captor Sakura Movie 2125.6 04/19/2006 Rate It!
Cashan: Robot Hunter106.6 06/06/2000 Rate It!
Cat's eye137.8 06/20/2002 Rate It!
Chaotic Tangent18.0 02/08/1999 Rate It!
Chimera110.0 06/02/1999 Rate It!
Chobit210.0 10/17/2005 Rate It!
City Hunter (TV)19.0 02/17/2003 Rate It!
City Hunter 97: Goodbye My Sweetheart16.0 08/27/1999 Rate It!
Clamp School56.8 06/06/2000 Rate It!
Cool Devices27.5 06/29/1999 Rate It!
Countdown004/29/2000 Rate It!
Cowboy Bebop (TV)1199.9 03/10/2005 Rate It!
Cowboy Bebop: Knockin on Heavens Door118.2 08/05/2003 Rate It!
Crimson Blade: The Hakkenden Music Video Rate It!
Crimson Wolf Rate It!
Crusher Joe17.0 05/09/2002 Rate It!
Crusher Joe OAV Rate It!
Crying Freeman719.0 02/17/2003 Rate It!
Crystal Triangle15.0 03/21/1999 Rate It!
Curse of the Undead: Yoma98.7 02/06/2000 Rate It!
Cyber City Oedo118.0 02/27/2002 Rate It!
Cybernetics Guardian Rate It!
Cyborg 00959.0 07/01/2005 Rate It!
D-1 Devastator OAV 1-236.0 11/27/1999 Rate It!
Dagger of Kamui68.0 02/06/2000 Rate It!
Dallos Rate It!
Dancing Girl, The Rate It!
Dancougar38.3 12/26/1999 Rate It!
Dangaioh537.5 07/24/2004 Rate It!
Dangard Ace Rate It!
Dark Cat Rate It!
Dark Myth Rate It!
Dark Warrior34.0 06/13/2000 Rate It!
Darkside Blues148.7 05/27/2002 Rate It!
Debutante Detective Corps161.9 05/28/2000 Rate It!
Delinquent in Drag38.0 04/09/2004 Rate It!
Demetan Croaker Rate It!
Demon Beast Invasion38.7 05/30/2000 Rate It!
Demon City Shinjuku387.4 05/31/2000 Rate It!
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