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Name Wt Avg Last Vt Rate
.hack//dusk69.8 10/24/2004 Rate It!
.hack//sign158.3 03/15/2005 Rate It!
3x3 Eyes OAV 1918.0 09/16/2002 Rate It!
3x3 Eyes OAV2 (2nd series)48.8 04/23/2000 Rate It!
8 Man After188.5 02/13/2003 Rate It!
801 TTS Airbats (Aozora Shoujotai)499.3 08/04/2005 Rate It!
8th Man99.0 09/04/2005 Rate It!
Abashiri Family48.0 01/18/2000 Rate It!
AD Police Files187.6 01/25/2005 Rate It!
Advancer Tina26.5 06/17/2004 Rate It!
Adventure Kid210.0 05/15/2002 Rate It!
Adventures of Kotetsu256.4 02/02/2003 Rate It!
Adventures of Vazor, The17.0 02/18/1999 Rate It!
Agent Aika269.0 11/22/2004 Rate It!
Ah! My goddess the Movie949.4 01/31/2007 Rate It!
Ah! My Goddess! OAV series1699.3 01/31/2007 Rate It!
Ai City36.7 02/13/2002 Rate It!
Ai Yori Aoshi39.0 09/01/2005 Rate It!
Akai Hayate37.0 04/18/2000 Rate It!
Akira2388.8 11/14/2004 Rate It!
Alien From The Darkness19.0 10/11/2002 Rate It!
All Purpose Cat Girl NUKU NUKU: TV49.3 06/22/2004 Rate It!
All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku OAV39.0 11/26/2002 Rate It!
Ambassador Magma27.0 10/16/1999 Rate It!
Angel Cop256.4 04/06/2005 Rate It!
Angel of Darkness96.1 06/09/2000 Rate It!
Angel the Flower Child (Hana no Ko LunLun)1710.0 01/16/2006 Rate It!
Angelic Layer178.5 01/31/2007 Rate It!
Appleseed745.5 12/12/2003 Rate It!
Arcadia of My Youth48.3 01/13/2004 Rate It!
Area 88139.8 02/03/2005 Rate It!
Ariel27.5 03/01/2000 Rate It!
Armageddon91.3 04/08/2000 Rate It!
Armitage III OVA738.2 09/17/2002 Rate It!
Armitage III: Poly-Matrix267.2 03/31/2002 Rate It!
Armored Trooper VOTOMS58.6 01/17/2006 Rate It!
Art of Fighting53.2 08/01/2003 Rate It!
Astro Boy229.9 02/26/2003 Rate It!
Ayane's High Kick147.4 12/14/2002 Rate It!
Ayashi No Ceres99.2 03/11/2006 Rate It!
Azumanga Daioh1110.0 05/13/2006 Rate It!
Babel II18.0 05/08/2002 Rate It!
Balthus: Tia's Radiance Rate It!
Baoh68.7 06/15/2002 Rate It!
Barefoot Gen39.0 04/21/2000 Rate It!
Bastard218.5 12/05/2002 Rate It!
Battle Angel Alita (Gunnm)159.0 07/05/2006 Rate It!
Battle Arena Toshinden413.9 08/09/2002 Rate It!
Battle Athletes459.0 07/31/2002 Rate It!
Battle Can-Can Rate It!
Battle Royal High School126.8 06/27/2002 Rate It!
Battle Skipper Rate It!
Battle Team Lakers EX16.0 03/24/1999 Rate It!
Beast City13.0 11/30/1999 Rate It!
Big Wars46.5 03/28/2000 Rate It!
Biohunter68.5 05/31/2000 Rate It!
Birdy The Mighty98.1 05/14/2000 Rate It!
Bite Me! - Chameleon27.5 01/29/2000 Rate It!
Black Jack547.5 02/16/2003 Rate It!
Black Lion24.5 07/28/2002 Rate It!
Black Magic M-6686.3 05/09/2002 Rate It!
Blade of Kamui110.0 03/10/2000 Rate It!
Blood: The Last Vampire207.5 05/18/2002 Rate It!
Blue Gender179.1 07/01/2004 Rate It!
Blue Seed1109.5 10/26/2004 Rate It!
Blue Sonnet45.8 02/18/2002 Rate It!
Bondage Queen Kate39.3 03/16/2000 Rate It!
Boogiepop Phantom116.0 02/02/2005 Rate It!
Bounty Dog35.3 01/16/1999 Rate It!
Brother, Dear Brother210.0 01/07/2000 Rate It!
Bubblegum Crash OAV266.1 12/20/1999 Rate It!
Bubblegum Crisis OAV497.9 01/25/2002 Rate It!
Burn Up W!448.6 07/15/2003 Rate It!
Burn Up!65.5 02/24/2000 Rate It!
Buttobi CPU110.0 06/24/2004 Rate It!
Candy Candy Rate It!
Capricorn37.3 01/23/2000 Rate It!
Captain Future15.0 06/18/2000 Rate It!
Captain Harlock (TV)109.7 03/09/2002 Rate It!
Captain Stubasa (Oli and Benji)TV19.0 12/21/1999 Rate It!
Card Captor Sakura1178.7 03/11/2006 Rate It!
Card Captor Sakura Movie 2125.6 04/19/2006 Rate It!
Cashan: Robot Hunter106.6 06/06/2000 Rate It!
Cat's eye137.8 06/20/2002 Rate It!
Chaotic Tangent18.0 02/08/1999 Rate It!
Chimera110.0 06/02/1999 Rate It!
Chobit210.0 10/17/2005 Rate It!
City Hunter (TV)19.0 02/16/2003 Rate It!
City Hunter 97: Goodbye My Sweetheart16.0 08/27/1999 Rate It!
Clamp School56.8 06/06/2000 Rate It!
Cool Devices27.5 06/29/1999 Rate It!
Countdown004/29/2000 Rate It!
Cowboy Bebop (TV)1199.9 03/10/2005 Rate It!
Cowboy Bebop: Knockin on Heavens Door118.2 08/05/2003 Rate It!
Crimson Blade: The Hakkenden Music Video Rate It!
Crimson Wolf Rate It!
Crusher Joe17.0 05/09/2002 Rate It!
Crusher Joe OAV Rate It!
Crying Freeman719.0 02/17/2003 Rate It!
Crystal Triangle15.0 03/21/1999 Rate It!
Curse of the Undead: Yoma98.7 02/06/2000 Rate It!
Cyber City Oedo118.0 02/27/2002 Rate It!
Cybernetics Guardian Rate It!
Cyborg 00959.0 07/01/2005 Rate It!
D-1 Devastator OAV 1-236.0 11/27/1999 Rate It!
Dagger of Kamui68.0 02/06/2000 Rate It!
Dallos Rate It!
Dancing Girl, The Rate It!
Dancougar38.3 12/26/1999 Rate It!
Dangaioh537.5 07/24/2004 Rate It!
Dangard Ace Rate It!
Dark Cat Rate It!
Dark Myth Rate It!
Dark Warrior34.0 06/13/2000 Rate It!
Darkside Blues148.7 05/27/2002 Rate It!
Debutante Detective Corps161.9 05/28/2000 Rate It!
Delinquent in Drag38.0 04/09/2004 Rate It!
Demetan Croaker Rate It!
Demon Beast Invasion38.7 05/30/2000 Rate It!
Demon City Shinjuku387.4 05/31/2000 Rate It!
Detective Conan219.0 03/11/2006 Rate It!
Detonator Orgun79.1 02/18/2002 Rate It!
Devil Hunter Yohko (Mamono Hunter Yohko)488.8 12/28/2001 Rate It!
Devilman247.3 02/25/2002 Rate It!
Di Gi charat219.0 08/29/2007 Rate It!
Digimon2368.6 03/11/2006 Rate It!
Dirty Pair Flash57.6 02/21/2000 Rate It!
Dirty Pair: Affair on Nolandia19.0 03/06/2000 Rate It!
Dirty Pair:Project Eden28.5 03/06/2000 Rate It!
DNA^2218.0 04/22/2002 Rate It!
Domain of Murder Rate It!
Dominon Tank Police68.2 06/03/2000 Rate It!
Doomed Megalopolis23.5 04/23/2000 Rate It!
Doraemon210.0 06/07/2000 Rate It!
Doreamon Rate It!
Dragon Century005/20/1999 Rate It!
Dragon Half328.8 05/27/2002 Rate It!
Dragon Knight97.0 12/20/1999 Rate It!
Dragon League Rate It!
Dragon Pink57.0 03/29/2000 Rate It!
Dragon Slayer17.0 08/05/1999 Rate It!
Dragonball (TV)949.4 07/12/2004 Rate It!
Dragonball GT4429.1 10/31/2005 Rate It!
Dragonball Movie 2: Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle188.8 05/30/2002 Rate It!
Dragonball Z (TV)2338.2 07/29/2003 Rate It!
Dragonball Z: Dead Zone716.3 09/08/2003 Rate It!
Dragonball Z: The Tree of Might766.6 07/31/2002 Rate It!
Dragonball Z: The World's Strongest657.3 07/31/2002 Rate It!
Dragonball: Curse of the Blood Rubies89.0 04/06/2000 Rate It!
E.Y.E.S. of Mars95.9 01/18/2002 Rate It!
Earthian504.6 07/31/2002 Rate It!
El Hazard OAV 1349.3 12/17/2001 Rate It!
El Hazard OAV 2110.0 12/20/1999 Rate It!
El Hazard TV Series/The Wanderers685.1 05/19/2009 Rate It!
El Hazzard: The Alternative World (Second TV Series)29.5 02/10/2000 Rate It!
Elven Bride, The147.9 08/04/2003 Rate It!
End of Summer28.0 09/15/1999 Rate It!
Erotic Torture Chamber37.0 02/01/2003 Rate It!
Excel Saga338.4 10/11/2004 Rate It!
Explorer Woman Ray25.0 05/09/2002 Rate It!
F3 (Frantic, Frustrated and Female)108.6 03/17/2000 Rate It!
Fairy Princess Ren310.0 04/29/2000 Rate It!
Fatal fury The Motion Picture569.7 10/04/2004 Rate It!
Fatal Fury: Legend of the Hungry Wolf549.7 02/01/2003 Rate It!
Final Fantasy 7 The Anime509.9 02/01/2003 Rate It!
Fire Emblem85.3 07/07/1999 Rate It!
First Loves27.5 06/03/1999 Rate It!
Fist of the North star437.2 05/09/2002 Rate It!
Five Star Stories110.0 04/18/2000 Rate It!
Flame of Recca249.5 03/11/2006 Rate It!
FLCL118.2 04/24/2004 Rate It!
Fobia Rate It!
Fruits Basket810.0 03/30/2005 Rate It!
Fushigi Yuugi OAV1338.6 01/30/2004 Rate It!
Fushigi Yuugi OAV2148.0 01/28/2004 Rate It!
Fushigi Yuugi TV2109.1 03/11/2006 Rate It!
Gaiking Rate It!
Galaxy Express 999118.2 04/19/2000 Rate It!
Galaxy Express 999: Adieu57.0 04/08/2003 Rate It!
Galaxy Fraulein Yuna26.5 09/20/1999 Rate It!
Gall Force: Earth Chapter24.0 03/08/1999 Rate It!
Gall Force: Eternal Story167.9 07/27/2002 Rate It!
Gall Force: New Era16.0 03/08/1999 Rate It!
Garaga33.7 04/24/2000 Rate It!
Gasaraki405.0 01/28/2003 Rate It!
Gatchaman001/23/2000 Rate It!
Genesis Survivor Gaiarth55.6 03/28/2004 Rate It!
Genocyber227.3 11/30/2001 Rate It!
Get Backer Rate It!
Ghost in the Shell1976.9 08/08/2003 Rate It!
Ghost Story012/09/1999 Rate It!
GHOSTFIGHTER77.4 01/13/2006 Rate It!
Giant Robo208.6 12/20/1999 Rate It!
Gigantor110.0 02/22/2000 Rate It!
Girl From Phantasia28.5 03/05/2000 Rate It!
Godmars Rate It!
Golden Boy98.3 02/17/2003 Rate It!
Golgo 13: Queen Bee48.0 06/16/2000 Rate It!
Golgo 13: The Proffesional76.4 02/25/2002 Rate It!
Goshogun: The Time Stranger29.0 12/26/1999 Rate It!
Grander Musashi25.5 06/08/2000 Rate It!
Grandizer149.5 03/25/2004 Rate It!
Grappler Baki68.8 09/02/2004 Rate It!
Grave of the Fireflies1338.8 10/01/2004 Rate It!
Gravitation610.0 04/13/2005 Rate It!
Green Legend Ran576.5 07/31/2002 Rate It!
Grey: Digital Target Rate It!
Gude Crest008/24/1999 Rate It!
Gunbuster178.5 02/25/2002 Rate It!
Gunsmith Cats779.5 02/01/2003 Rate It!
Guy: Double Target28.5 12/20/1999 Rate It!
Guyver, The418.5 06/19/2000 Rate It!
Hades Project Zeorymer96.8 02/04/1999 Rate It!
Hainbane Renmei109.0 08/08/2004 Rate It!
Hakkenden, The217.7 01/12/2002 Rate It!
Hana Yori Dango Rate It!
Hanappe Bazooka110.0 12/20/1999 Rate It!
Harmageddon13.0 02/09/2000 Rate It!
Hellsing127.0 08/31/2005 Rate It!
Here is Greenwood209.0 02/27/2000 Rate It!
Heroic Legend of Arislan, The459.4 04/20/2004 Rate It!
Hex Files, The Rate It!
Hikarui no go110.0 05/17/2004 Rate It!
Himi- chan no ribbon Rate It!
Humanoid Rate It!
Hurricane Polymar Rate It!
Hyper Doll19.0 07/18/1999 Rate It!
I Can Hear The Sea59.0 04/03/2003 Rate It!
I'm gonna be an angel Rate It!
Iczelion48.0 04/26/2000 Rate It!
Iczer-One49.0 01/31/2000 Rate It!
InuYasha6010.0 02/27/2006 Rate It!
Iria: Zeiram the Animation528.9 06/05/2000 Rate It!
Iron Virgin Jun011/30/1999 Rate It!
Irresponsible Captain Tylor519.7 07/31/2002 Rate It!
Irresponsible Captain Tylor OAVs4010.0 07/31/2002 Rate It!
JIGOKU SENSEI NUUBE110.0 04/29/2005 Rate It!
Jin-roh129.9 01/21/2003 Rate It!
Judge18.0 12/21/1999 Rate It!
Junkboy38.7 03/28/2000 Rate It!
Kabuto54.2 04/24/2000 Rate It!
Kama Sutra11.0 04/23/1999 Rate It!
Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne Rate It!
Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou (His and Her Circumstances)78.6 03/08/2000 Rate It!
Kazoku Robinson Hyouryuuki (Swiss Family Robinson) Rate It!
Kekko Kamen110.0 06/06/2000 Rate It!
Key the Metal Idol148.6 02/18/2002 Rate It!
Kiki's Delivery Service638.8 08/04/2003 Rate It!
Kimagure Movie 2: Shin Kimagure Orange Road4410.0 06/13/2004 Rate It!
Kimagure Orange Road Movie258.8 12/25/1999 Rate It!
Kimagure Orange Road OAV509.8 02/01/2003 Rate It!
Kimba The White Lion55.8 05/12/2000 Rate It!
Kimera45.3 02/21/2000 Rate It!
Kishin Heidan Rate It!
Kite68.5 04/09/2000 Rate It!
Knights of Ramune Rate It!
Kodomo No Omocha (Child's Toys) TV series109.6 05/08/2000 Rate It!
Koichi10.0 04/02/1999 Rate It!
kokoro-sei no chikyu Rate It!
LA Blue Girl539.4 02/01/2003 Rate It!
Lady Blue19.0 02/17/2000 Rate It!
Lain - Serial Experiments718.2 08/10/2003 Rate It!
Laputa, Castle in the Sky519.1 09/17/2002 Rate It!
Last Exile1110.0 02/02/2005 Rate It!
Laughing Target, The19.0 03/25/2000 Rate It!
Leda: The Fantastic Adventure of Yohko18.0 12/26/1999 Rate It!
Legend of Crystania: Cave of the Sealed18.0 12/15/1999 Rate It!
Legend of Crystania: The Motion Picture46.5 05/13/2000 Rate It!
Legend of Lemnear Rate It!
Legend of Lyon Rate It!
Legend of Reyon Rate It!
Legend of the Forest Rate It!
Legend of the Last Labyrinth408.0 07/31/2002 Rate It!
Lily CAT55.6 03/06/2000 Rate It!
Locke The Superman19.0 03/22/2000 Rate It!
Lost Universe Rate It!
Love Hina Again OVA110.0 10/17/2002 Rate It!
Love Hina TV188.1 11/21/2003 Rate It!
Luna Varga Rate It!
Lunatic Night28.5 01/31/2000 Rate It!
Lupin III's Greatest Capers4310.0 02/01/2003 Rate It!
Lupin III: Castle Of Cagliostro659.6 02/07/2003 Rate It!
Machine Robo Rate It!
Macross 7 Dynamite3210.0 09/17/2002 Rate It!
Macross 7 TV498.8 06/03/2000 Rate It!
Macross II: The Movie838.3 11/02/2002 Rate It!
Macross Plus 1-41029.4 05/30/2002 Rate It!
Macross Plus the Movie3510.0 09/17/2002 Rate It!
Macross TV (Robotech: Macross)4010.0 09/17/2002 Rate It!
Macross: Do You Remember Love?1209.5 09/17/2002 Rate It!
Mad Bull 3424.0 01/31/2000 Rate It!
Madox 0136.0 03/08/2000 Rate It!
Magic Knight Rayearth TV1488.8 06/28/2002 Rate It!
Magical Girl Do RE Mi Rate It!
Magical Project S39.7 02/08/2006 Rate It!
Maid in Hanaukyo Rate It!
Maison Ikkoku38.3 08/18/1998 Rate It!
MAPS45.8 04/13/2000 Rate It!
Maris The Chojo110.0 12/21/1999 Rate It!
Marmalade Boy46.5 01/11/2002 Rate It!
Marriage Rate It!
MARS Rate It!
Martian Successor Nadesico510.0 02/15/2003 Rate It!
MD Geist47.8 05/15/2000 Rate It!
MD Geist 2:Death Force25.0 11/25/1999 Rate It!
Megami Paradise25.5 11/26/1999 Rate It!
Megazone 23 Part 1108.5 05/02/2000 Rate It!
Mermaid Forest8210.0 02/07/2003 Rate It!
Mermaid's Scar479.9 02/01/2003 Rate It!
Metal Fighter Miku29.5 01/31/2000 Rate It!
Metropolis228.4 07/16/2002 Rate It!
Mighty Space Miners24.0 05/20/2000 Rate It!
Millenium Actress118.0 03/08/2005 Rate It!
Miyuki-Chan in Wonderland48.8 04/29/2000 Rate It!
Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket159.3 05/16/2000 Rate It!
Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memories308.6 12/21/1999 Rate It!
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing TV459.8 08/31/2005 Rate It!
Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack159.3 06/18/2000 Rate It!
Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team1010.0 03/20/2005 Rate It!
Moldiver11.0 11/26/1999 Rate It!
Mononoke no Hime (The Princess Mononoke)1049.3 03/10/2005 Rate It!
Monster Rancher127.0 06/05/2000 Rate It!
Muders - The Ressurection OAV Rate It!
My Dear Marie39.7 03/22/2000 Rate It!
My Fair Masseuse Rate It!
My My Mai Rate It!
My Neighbor Totoro979.1 02/10/2003 Rate It!
My Neighbors The Yamadas Rate It!
My Youth In Arcadia Rate It!
Mysterious cities of gold49.8 06/06/2000 Rate It!
Nadia of the Mysterious Seas139.2 02/14/2000 Rate It!
Naruto2310.0 01/17/2006 Rate It!
Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind279.3 03/22/2000 Rate It!
Nazca Rate It!
Neon Genesis Evangelion TV3479.4 01/25/2006 Rate It!
Neon Genesis Evangelion: End Of Evangelion348.4 06/13/2004 Rate It!
Neon Genesis Evangelion:Death/Rebirth109.4 06/11/2000 Rate It!
New Angel147.6 05/07/2002 Rate It!
New Cutey Honey210.0 12/21/1999 Rate It!
New Dominion Tank Police138.3 05/26/2000 Rate It!
New Mobile War Chronicles: Gundam W - Endless Waltz310.0 07/16/2004 Rate It!
NG Knight Lamune & 40110.0 02/18/2000 Rate It!
Niea_7117.0 02/20/2005 Rate It!
Nightmare Campus86.4 06/11/2000 Rate It!
Nightmare Campus: The Movie35.3 04/08/2000 Rate It!
Nightwarriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge87.0 01/06/2000 Rate It!
Ninja Cadets67.5 07/21/2003 Rate It!
Ninja Resurrection: The Revenge of Jubei277.1 05/21/2000 Rate It!
Ninja Scroll2639.2 02/01/2003 Rate It!
Ninku409.0 10/06/2004 Rate It!
Noir Rate It!
Now and Then; Here and There418.0 04/22/2006 Rate It!
Odin: Photon Space Sailor Starlight22.5 06/16/2000 Rate It!
Ogenki Clinic66.8 04/06/2000 Rate It!
Ogre Slayer439.9 02/01/2003 Rate It!
On Your Mark - A Chage & Aska Music Video610.0 07/28/2002 Rate It!
One Pound Gospel418.0 02/01/2003 Rate It!
Only Yesterday (Omohide Poro Poro)68.0 07/27/2003 Rate It!
Orguss2179.6 02/27/2002 Rate It!
Otaku no Video48.5 08/23/1999 Rate It!
Outlanders76.1 04/19/2000 Rate It!
Outlaw Star748.9 03/10/2005 Rate It!
Panzer Dragoon41.0 04/18/2000 Rate It!
Patlabor 1157.5 04/05/2000 Rate It!
Patlabor 298.4 05/24/2000 Rate It!
Patlabor OAV 1: Mobile Police25.5 12/04/1998 Rate It!
Patlabor OAV 2: New Files28.5 11/29/1999 Rate It!
Peacock King18.0 08/05/1999 Rate It!
Perfect Blue408.9 05/20/2002 Rate It!
Phantom Quest Corp.34.3 02/15/2000 Rate It!
Phoenix 2772005/09/2000 Rate It!
Ping Pong Club229.3 10/07/2004 Rate It!
Pita Ten1910.0 01/30/2004 Rate It!
Planet Busters Rate It!
Plastic Little59.8 03/05/2000 Rate It!
Please Save My Earth338.6 07/06/2002 Rate It!
Pokemon2747.3 10/20/2005 Rate It!
Pokemon: Mewtwo Strikes Back (The Movie)1008.7 02/01/2003 Rate It!
Pom Poko78.4 04/26/2004 Rate It!
Porco Rosso89.6 05/29/2000 Rate It!
Power Dolls26.5 03/09/2000 Rate It!
Pretty Sammy OVA 1-326.0 02/20/2000 Rate It!
Pretty Sammy TV76.7 04/27/2000 Rate It!
Princess Minerva005/06/2000 Rate It!
Princess Nine109.0 02/05/2004 Rate It!
Private Psycho Lesson57.0 02/16/2003 Rate It!
Project A-Ko 1-4358.0 05/02/2000 Rate It!
Project A-Ko: Versus Battle - Grey Side47.8 12/21/1999 Rate It!
Project A-Ko: Versus Battle 2 - Blue Side47.3 12/21/1999 Rate It!
Psychic Wars12.0 11/25/1999 Rate It!
Psycho Diver26.5 03/09/2000 Rate It!
Queen Emereldes Rate It!
Rah-Xephon Rate It!
Rail of the Star Rate It!
Ranma 1/2 Movie 1: Big Trouble in Nekonron, China619.7 03/10/2005 Rate It!
Ranma 1/2 Movie 2: Nihao My Concubine829.3 03/10/2005 Rate It!
Ranma 1/2 Movie 3: Team Ranma vs. The Legendary Phoenix5310.0 03/14/2005 Rate It!
Ranma 1/2 OAV: Akane and Her Sisters523.8 03/14/2005 Rate It!
Ranma 1/2 OAV: An Akane To Remember729.7 03/14/2005 Rate It!
Ranma 1/2 OAV: Curse of the Contrary Jewel548.4 03/14/2005 Rate It!
Ranma 1/2 OAV: Growing up with Ms. Hinako559.9 03/14/2005 Rate It!
Ranma 1/2 OAV: Hell Hath no Fury Like Kasumi Scorned609.7 03/14/2005 Rate It!
Ranma 1/2 OAV: I'll be the One to Inherit Mother's Recipes547.3 03/14/2005 Rate It!
Ranma 1/2 OAV: Oh Cursed Tunnel of Lost Love4910.0 04/17/2003 Rate It!
Ranma 1/2 OAV: Tendo Family Christmas Scramble549.6 03/11/2005 Rate It!
Ranma 1/2 OAV: The Two Akanes5610.0 03/14/2005 Rate It!
Ranma 1/2 TV 1st Series1569.3 03/14/2005 Rate It!
Ranma 1/2: Anything Goes Martial Arts629.9 03/14/2005 Rate It!
Ranma 1/2: Hard Battle529.9 02/11/2005 Rate It!
Ranma 1/2: Martial Mayhem4210.0 01/29/2003 Rate It!
Ranma 1/2: Outta Control499.9 02/07/2003 Rate It!
Rave Rate It!
Record of Lodoss War - Chronicles of the Heroic Knight610.0 02/02/2003 Rate It!
Record of Lodoss Wars1319.4 01/06/2003 Rate It!
Red Hawk65.7 05/20/2000 Rate It!
Rei Rei28.5 04/23/1999 Rate It!
Rei-Lan: Orchid Emblem14.0 08/27/1999 Rate It!
Revenge of the Demon Beast13.0 05/02/1999 Rate It!
Revenge of the Demon Beast II Rate It!
RG Veda47.0 02/26/2000 Rate It!
Riding Bean78.0 05/02/2004 Rate It!
Ronin Warriors909.5 02/07/2003 Rate It!
Roots Search Rate It!
Roujin Z55.4 06/16/2000 Rate It!
Ruin Explorers165.8 02/17/2002 Rate It!
Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X)2539.7 08/31/2005 Rate It!
Rurouni Kenshin OAV Series567.9 05/12/2004 Rate It!
Rurouni Kenshin: The Movie187.9 01/15/2005 Rate It!
Saber Marionette J Again Rate It!
Saber Marionette J TV198.8 01/08/2002 Rate It!
Saber Marionette J-x110.0 04/22/2004 Rate It!
Saber Marionette R Rate It!
Saber Rider and the Star Sherrifs239.9 03/21/2006 Rate It!
Sailor Moon1948.4 10/20/2005 Rate It!
Sailor Moon R-The Movie577.7 08/19/2002 Rate It!
Sailor Moon S: Hearts In Ice509.2 07/31/2002 Rate It!
Sailor Moon Super S907.7 04/13/2005 Rate It!
Sailor Moon SuperS: Black Dream Hole508.4 07/31/2002 Rate It!
Sailor MoonR388.6 06/12/2000 Rate It!
Sailor MoonS1168.7 07/31/2002 Rate It!
Sailor Stars589.6 03/06/2005 Rate It!
Saint Seiya179.8 05/25/2000 Rate It!
Saint Tail598.0 11/08/2002 Rate It!
Saiyuki (Alakazam The Great)109.0 05/10/2006 Rate It!
Sakura Diaries68.0 07/27/2003 Rate It!
Sakura Wars67.5 01/08/2000 Rate It!
Samurai Showdown96.3 03/21/2000 Rate It!
Sanctuary11.0 06/13/2000 Rate It!
Sexorcist37.0 05/01/2000 Rate It!
Shadow Skill 1455.3 12/22/2002 Rate It!
Shadow Skill 238.3 05/04/2000 Rate It!
Shamanic Princess005/30/2002 Rate It!
Shin Shirayuki Hime Densetsu Pretear110.0 04/12/2004 Rate It!
Shinesman419.0 07/31/2002 Rate It!
Shonan Bakusozuku110.0 03/31/2000 Rate It!
Shoujo Kakumei Utena/Revolutionary Girl Utena528.3 11/29/2003 Rate It!
Shuten Doji Rate It!
Silent Mobius Motion Picture 217.0 10/27/1999 Rate It!
Silent Mobius Movie #117.0 10/26/1999 Rate It!
Silent Service18.0 03/19/2000 Rate It!
Slam Dunk TV249.3 05/09/2004 Rate It!
Slayers Next349.5 02/07/2002 Rate It!
Slayers Try110.0 07/24/2002 Rate It!
Slayers TV Series #11158.2 07/31/2002 Rate It!
Slayers: Dragon Slave118.2 02/02/2002 Rate It!
Slayers: The Motion Picture597.3 07/31/2002 Rate It!
Slight Fever Syndrome002/06/2000 Rate It!
Sohryuden49.0 06/10/2000 Rate It!
Sol Bianca59.2 03/09/2000 Rate It!
Sonic Soldier Borgman37.3 04/17/2000 Rate It!
Sorceror Hunters149.4 12/05/2001 Rate It!
Space Adventure Cobra49.8 03/22/2000 Rate It!
Spaceketeers29.0 05/24/2000 Rate It!
Speed Racer (Mach-A-Go-Go)1129.5 01/29/2003 Rate It!
Spirit of Wonder17.0 03/14/1999 Rate It!
Spirited Away (Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi)110.0 07/22/2003 Rate It!
Spriggan476.4 12/23/2002 Rate It!
Starvengers27.5 06/13/2000 Rate It!
Strange Love36.0 06/17/1999 Rate It!
Street Fighter II the Movie127.8 05/09/2002 Rate It!
Street Fighter V Series417.4 05/10/2002 Rate It!
Sugar a lilte snow fairy198.0 03/07/2007 Rate It!
Suikoden: Demon Century37.0 03/09/2000 Rate It!
Sukeban Deka29.0 02/22/2000 Rate It!
Super Atragon006/24/1999 Rate It!
Super Atragon: The Motion Picture110.0 12/14/1999 Rate It!
Super Battle Mech Team E.H.S.48.8 09/13/1999 Rate It!
Super Dimensional Cavalry Southern Cross28.5 07/31/2005 Rate It!
Sword For Truth11.0 02/08/2000 Rate It!
Takegami28.5 10/13/1999 Rate It!
Tale of Genji237.7 05/27/2002 Rate It!
Tales of Titillation19.0 07/21/1999 Rate It!
Tamagotchi Video Adventures Rate It!
Techno Police 21C Rate It!
Tekkaman Blade98.9 05/24/2004 Rate It!
Tekkaman Blade II57.2 04/25/2000 Rate It!
Tekken165.6 05/07/2000 Rate It!
Teknoman429.4 01/29/2006 Rate It!
Tenchi Forever (TMIL 2)179.1 06/07/2002 Rate It!
Tenchi In Tokyo (Shin Tenchi Muyo)894.8 03/10/2005 Rate It!
Tenchi Muyo OAV 11129.3 03/10/2005 Rate It!
Tenchi Muyo OAV 2319.4 03/10/2005 Rate It!
Tenchi Muyo: Manatsu no Eve! (Daughter of Darkness)268.5 03/14/2005 Rate It!
Tenchi Muyo: Mihoshi Special197.5 06/07/2002 Rate It!
Tenchi Muyou: The Movie638.6 03/16/2002 Rate It!
Tenchi TV (Universe) 1638.7 03/10/2005 Rate It!
Tenchi TV 266.7 08/11/1999 Rate It!
They Were 1117.0 04/02/1999 Rate It!
Those Who Hunt Elves119.1 05/22/2000 Rate It!
Tokimeki Memorial OVA Rate It!
Tokyo Babylon37.0 07/24/2005 Rate It!
Tokyo Godfathers Rate It!
Tokyo Mew Mew258.1 01/03/2008 Rate It!
Tokyo Private Police17.0 01/31/2000 Rate It!
Tokyo Revelation46.8 01/31/2000 Rate It!
Tokyo Vice Rate It!
Tonde Buurin18.0 04/16/1999 Rate It!
Toward The Terra Rate It!
Trigun218.1 07/25/2002 Rate It!
Twilight of the Dark Master109.2 05/31/2000 Rate It!
Twin Angels28.0 04/01/2000 Rate It!
Twin Angels 3110.0 03/09/2000 Rate It!
Twin Dolls:Legend of the Heavenly Beast110.0 03/09/2000 Rate It!
U-jin Brand18.0 12/04/1999 Rate It!
Ultimate Teacher, The35.7 01/14/1999 Rate It!
Unico110.0 02/01/2000 Rate It!
Urotsukidoji1207.3 05/07/2002 Rate It!
Urotsukidoji II: Legend of the Demon Womb85.9 02/26/2002 Rate It!
Urotsukidoji III: Return of the Overfiend86.8 02/26/2002 Rate It!
Urotsukidoji III: The Movie006/01/1999 Rate It!
Urotsukidoji IV: Inferno Road33.7 01/31/2000 Rate It!
Urusei Yatsura the Movie 2: Beautiful Dreamer707.9 02/05/2003 Rate It!
Urusei Yatsura the Movie 3: Remember My Love Rate It!
Urusei Yatsura the Movie 4: Lum the Forever110.0 06/09/2004 Rate It!
Urusei Yatsura TV218.3 02/22/2000 Rate It!
Urusei Yatsura: Always My Darling19.0 11/26/1999 Rate It!
Urusei Yatsura: Inaba the Dream-maker110.0 12/21/1999 Rate It!
Ushio and Tora36.7 01/23/2000 Rate It!
Vampire Hunter D1089.1 05/15/2004 Rate It!
Vampire Princess Miyu449.2 06/12/2000 Rate It!
Vampire Wars25.5 03/31/2000 Rate It!
Venus 514.0 07/10/1999 Rate It!
Venus Wars167.1 06/09/2000 Rate It!
Veruable Geo Rate It!
Video Girl Ai138.5 05/17/2000 Rate It!
Violence Jack86.5 05/29/2000 Rate It!
Violinist of Hamelin, The109.1 06/20/2000 Rate It!
Vision of Escaflowne the movie139.8 09/21/2002 Rate It!
Vision of Escaflowne TV899.4 04/22/2004 Rate It!
Visionary Rate It!
Voices From A Distant Star69.8 09/18/2004 Rate It!
Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer88.1 12/21/1999 Rate It!
Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer: The Movie159.7 05/24/2000 Rate It!
Voltron55.8 05/30/2002 Rate It!
Wake Up Aria Rate It!
Warriors of the Wind66.5 02/17/2000 Rate It!
Weather Report Girl 1-237.3 01/12/2000 Rate It!
Wedding Peach68.5 04/16/2000 Rate It!
Whisper of the Heart19.0 07/27/2003 Rate It!
Wicked City467.7 02/09/2000 Rate It!
Wind Called Amnesia, A217.6 03/05/2000 Rate It!
Windaria56.8 04/19/2000 Rate It!
Wings of Honneamise548.2 06/12/2000 Rate It!
Wrath of the Ninja78.4 05/13/2000 Rate It!
X/1999 (Movie)1307.2 07/24/2005 Rate It!
X/1999 (TV) Rate It!
Yamato Forever46.8 01/14/1999 Rate It!
Yamato: Final Voyage110.0 11/07/1999 Rate It!
Yamato: Space Battleship669.2 02/01/2003 Rate It!
Yotoden78.6 12/21/1999 Rate It!
You're Under Arrest! (Taiho Shichau Zo!) OAV318.7 12/10/2003 Rate It!
Yu Yu Hakusho739.8 03/06/2005 Rate It!
Yu Yu Hakusho: Poltergeist Report108.5 06/01/2004 Rate It!
Yu Yu Hakusho: The Movie69.3 09/30/2004 Rate It!
Yu-Gi-Oh!119.1 06/25/2002 Rate It!
Zeguy19.0 01/11/2002 Rate It!
Zenki The Demon Prince58.2 01/11/2002 Rate It!
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