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EntrySeries Image# Last VtVote
Mousse and ShampooRanma 1/2 578902/24/2020Vote!
Miroku and SangoInuyasha 168506/01/2013Vote!
Momiji Sohma and Tohru HondaFruits Basket 127809/21/2011Vote!
Miyu and LarvaVampire Princess Miyu80006/06/2009Vote!
Miho and PiroMegatokyo 65509/17/2011Vote!
Miaka and TamahomeFushigi Yuugi 54709/03/2012Vote!
Misa & HikaruMacross32306/06/2009Vote!
Minako Aino and Rei HinoSailor Moon 26208/09/2011Vote!
Miaka and HotohoriFushigi Yuugi 25906/04/2009Vote!
Misato & KajiNeon Genesis Evangelion25906/04/2009Vote!
Millia and MaxMacross25106/04/2009Vote!
Marron and TrunksDragon ballz/gt 22506/04/2009Vote!
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