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Subject: Easter egg 3
By: RanmasGirlKM
Date: 03/24/2002 07:54:24 am PST
Nyssia looked up surprised at Ranma her eyes wide.
“Uh sure I guess so, hmm why didn’t Tenchi pick me up?”
“We decided to try something different this time, and well I haven’t really gotten to kiss you so we are going straight to the kissing egg room.” Ranma grabbed her arm hauling her out of her chair easily as he pulled her through the dimensional hole.
*Kissing eggs* A strange picture of eggs standing around kissing each other flashed through her mind as she appeared in the large room with bright colorful eggs hanging from color strings all around them.
“What is this?” Nyssia asked shocked as she looked around she noticed SaiyajinNellie kissing with Keiichi. Prime was lip locking it up with Minmay in another corner was Jade and Dimando.
“Urd had to been responsible for this room.” Nyssia deadpan as Ranma chuckled softly.
“You got it, now for my turn.” Ranma wrapped his arms tightly around Nyssia kissing her gently as she slowly snaked her arms around his neck giving his pigtail a small tug.
“Hey no hogging my lady here Ranma, get your own!” Tenchi shouted as Nyssia and Ranma moved away slightly.
*Wow these shy guys sure can kiss.*

Now for the 4th egg you need to look for them bad girls.

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