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Subject: Christmas anime style present 11
By: RanmasGirlKM
Date: 12/23/2001 06:11:44 am PST
”You won’t know until you open this stupid box.”
A hint of a growl in her voice.
”Well it’s female so that has to be good better
then male.” SonicTMP walked over to the box pulling
on the paper, revealing a very pretty and scantily
dressed in blood red dress with a low cut neckline
and high cut hem, Morrigan.
“MMmmm mmmmm mmm Morrigan?”
“Yes I thought you’d enjoy someone new picking you up
for the Christmas party, unless you rather not have me?” her voice sounding sad.
“No not at all I’ll enjoy getting to know you!” SonicTMP said.
“Great then lets go and if I know Urd you’ll
reaaaallllly get to know me.” Morrigan chuckled as
the two transported out of his house just as his
family walked into to see him leave.
“What just happened to my baby boy?”
“Not sure, but he sure is lucky did you see what
she was wearing growl.” His father laughed as his
mother elbowed him in the gut.

Their old and not slow but if they tried what a couple they'd be.

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