Antares Erfle (Modified) 30mm

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Subject: 30mm Antares
By: Anonymous (
Date: 04/13/2005 11:49:33 am PDT
This eyepiece is a 10 on the value scale.
Its a 8 on the performance scale.

For little $$ this eyepiece is great for starfield views on my F5 - 12.5 and my F4.7 - 16. I was very surprised at the ~ 75% field sharpness,,, then the edge shows the ussual effects of my fast scopes. I have seen much better EPs do the same on the edges.

As expected, a barlow really sharpens the edge performance at a < FL and > FR.

As for Coatings?
Its shows very well on dim objects.

I dare anyone to do a side by side test with a better EP.
Remarkable value.

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