Rini Optics RKE 52mm

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Subject: Nice eyepiece...
By: Anonymous (xxx.xxx.84.87)
Date: 12/22/2005 06:09:27 pm PST
I got one of these eyepieces several years back from SurplusShed. It has turned out to be one of my most used eyepieces. It is very sharp and has a flat field. I have another long focal length eyepiece similar to it, but the image is nowhere near as vibrant and clear. The biggest problem with it is the overly long eye relief and the lack of filter threads. It is great with my glasses, and the whole effect of it is to turn my refractor into a six inch riflescope. The barrel is also a bit snug in a standard 1.25 focuser. I use this eyepiece as a widefield scanning/finder eyepiece. It is great in my 6" F8 refractor. I use it with a 2x barlow in my SN-10 F4 and it does pretty well too, but the exit pupil is a bit large. Nice interesting eyepiece. I think I will be keeping it. I don't think these are made any longer, If you can find one I would get it. Be warned though, the long eye relief may not be for everyone.

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