Antares Speers-Waler 7mm

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Subject: Re: vote by
By: Anonymous (
Date: 01/12/2004 01:27:04 am PST
how would the 10mm WA compare to ........

9mm nagler
9.7mm meade 4000 super plossl
tmb 10mm super mono
tv 10mm radian


i am using a meade sct 10" f/10

>I've owned or tried every Speers-Waler except the 5-8 zoom, which has plenty of reviews elsewhere...
>The 7mm has the flattest field and the best edge performance of the line. The 12mm was a close second, but showed very slight field curvature at the extreme edge.
>The 7mm is my favorite for viewing small planetary nebula at medium-high magnifications. The eyepiece has excellent contrast and brightness for such a huge stack of glass.
>Star images are very tight, and lateral color is almost non-existant. (better than the 10mm SW, which does show a tiny bit of lateral color)
>Build quality is very good, but not on par with Televue, Pentax, etc. Watch out for dust on the field lens...
>NOTE: These comments are based upon my tests in a 12.5" F5.5 dob/newt. Different scopes and different focal ratios will likely yield different results.
>Greg Granville

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