Minolta Activa 10x50W

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Subject: Update to vote Date: 03/16/2005 10:55:26 pm GMT
By: Anonymous (xxx.xxx.130.142)
Date: 08/10/2005 06:17:26 am PST
Update to vote Date: 03/16/2005 10:55:26 pm GMT

I've had the binos for eight months know and have upgraded the mount to a full height quality tripod and fluid head.

Firstly the difference the mount makes is considerable. If you rnot using a mount then get one you can easily increase the limiting factor by two not to mention observe for longer and in a more relaxed fashion.

I've bagged M13,M26,M27,M29,M31,M57 (its there but almost stellar averted vsion gives it away). All these just buy scanning the appropiate areas and knowing were to look.

This was a big surprise to me I didnt imagine binos would be this much fun. The tripod has allowed me to get much better focus. They perform much better than an 80f5 short tube I had know sold as a result.

I'm much happier with them now than before. I use them frequently and they are a good buy.

Two points I would like to make here.
Cheap binos on a good mount will perform better than expensive bino's handheld. If your using them for astronomy get a tall tripod then consider a solid mount with cheap bins you probably get more out of the combination. If you've got the bins then get a mount.

I recently upgrded to a 10x50 right angle correct image finder for my mak/cass. The finder seems to have sharper optics than the binos. The finder can split ALBIREO in Cygnus were as the binos have a problem due to flare.

Limiting magnitued in the binos is about 1.5 times the finder with better contrast.

In either or any case the Minoltas have made me happy and the tripod has made me even happier.


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