Zeiss Victory (Revised) 10x40 BT

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Subject: Victory II 8x40
By: Anonymous (xxx.xxx.114.171)
Date: 07/27/2004 09:51:47 pm PDT
I just got mine and love them. No they are not as good as the Swarovskis but I got them delivered from Euro Optic.com for $735, delivered! At that price, i'll keep the extra $500 and buy a little something else.
These are great binocs, betterview desired.com has a second review on them and calls them almost the reference set.
They are excellent at night and they are tough built. they should take some use. They weigh in around 25 oz.
Checkout eurooptic.com for a favorable price on the 8x40s the 10x is about a 100 bucks more.

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