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Subject: former customer
By: aurora
Date: 12/04/2003 04:19:10 am PST
After I bought my 20x80 Skycraft binoculars, there was little technical support, and I had to perform a major collimation- the optics were way out of alignment upon arrival. Having had them now for 6 months, I know they could not have been collimated before being sent to me as Skycraft insisted. The optics are average (abberations present), but what can you expect for the money? They are decent binoculars that I have had much pleasure using on the night sky. I tried to contact the owner of Skycraft several times to purchase more binoculars and I never received a returned call. It is quite obvious that Skycraft went out of buisness and doesn't plan on selling a new line in the future, contrary to what was posted on their website a while back. I am disappointed by the overall experience due to the reasons I have posted, but I still like my binoculars as they are ok for general stargazing and terrestrial applications.

Michael from Saskatchewan

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