Swift Audubon 820 BWCF ED 8.5X44

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Subject: Audubon 8.5x44 EDs
By: Anonymous (xxx.xxx.187.225)
Date: 07/02/2003 05:17:49 pm PST
I had a pair of the ED glass models, and they were very good binoculars. I intended to use them mainly for birding, and for that they are excellent--very bright and true to the ED designation they were extremely well color-corrected. The armoring is well done, and looks and feels very good. The focusing is smooth but a little stiff on my pair. They are still on the large side for birding glasses--I have biggish hands and they sometimes fatigued me--and they are also fairly heavy.

I did not keep them because I was seduced by the Nikon 10x42 SE, which is lighter, more comfortable in the hands, and substantially sharper (though not quite as perfectly corrected). Stars are resolved much more crisply through the Nikons. For me, the SEs were worth the price difference, but for many people the brightness and color correction of the Swift EDs will make them nearly as good and much less expensive, especially for birding.

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