Leica Trinovid 10x42 BA

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Subject: Re: vote by xxx.xxx.248.119
By: Anonymous (xxx.xxx.115.9)
In Reply to: Anonymous (xxx.xxx.248.119) (Original Vote)
Date: 06/02/2002 03:30:00 am PST
>Very well made with extremely good coatings.
>Water proof for 5 meters.
>Nitrogen filled for fog elimination.
>Armor that you could'n scratch or destroy, I think.
>Very high contrast.
>The exit pupil is surrounded by absolutely darkness.
>30 years warranty but a very high price.
>It is only a 7 because I had some Problems with
>It has a (we german say) pillow effect at the edge
>of the giant FOV.
>I looked inside the Objektiv Lenses an saw a
>liquid (oil or so) inside at the Tube.
>I see false colour . Not like a short fokal refraktor
>perhaps a collimation problem.
>Perhaps if you are not exactly on the optical axis
>with your eyes this colour appears.
>(left eye: left red, right blue. right eye: left blue and
>right red. Or reversed, I don't remember.)
>On one ofr the inner fokussing lenses I found
>metal dust and dirt.
>I took it to the dealer I buyed it and he send it
>back to Leica.
>I'm still waiting to hear from them (2 weeks)
>Maybe I buyed a (we german say) monday item.
>Greetings from Germany

Hi there,
I'm the poster from above and the story continues:
4 weeks later the bino arrived at the photostore.
I checked it and when i looked inside to see if they
cleaned the optics well I saw a lot of tiny scratches.
I showed the dealer the mess and he was very angr
now (not about me but to Leica).
He tried to reach someone at Leica but it was Friday
and they had weekend, we thought.
He said, that he send it back with an angry discription
of the customers (me) problem.
4 Weeks later (they forgot to inform me, that it arrived)
I recieved it back and now it is a fully new one were they
replaced the eyebarrels with the orig. serial number.
The new one is the following model the "BN".
So, now I have the new "BN" model with new coatings
on it with the old serial number eyebarrels, old eyecups,
"BA" model manual, "BA" package, the old leatherbag
and neckstrap (that's no problem), and the bill with the
serial number of a "BA" model that now is a "BN".
Conclusion: The new "BN" is a "9" but there are better
binos out there.

A german

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