Zeiss Jenautic 7x50

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Subject: ZEISS Jenautic 7X50
By: Siriusly
Date: 08/30/2010 05:49:14 pm PDT
First I'd like to say that the 'Jenautics' are distinctly made by Zeiss-at least the pair I have. The serial number is 5029761 which, if I remember is about 1980. I have examined these thoroughly and they appear to be exactly like the Jenoptems...
There is a good report on how to identify authentic Zeiss binos and how to spot the fakes on Holger Merlitz's site..these are authentic!

The mystery is where did the right prism cover saying 'Jenautic' come from? The left prism cover which says Carl Zeiss Jena in the lens logo is clearly stamped into the metal. On the other side the words 'multi-coated, Jenautic 7X50' is only stenciled on.

I suspect, but can't say for sure, that they were sold by an authorized seller of Zeiss under this different name.

As for the quality, a good friend of mine, whose optical opinion I value, called them the 'best in my collection'...I can not agree they are the 'best' but they are very fine..The milky way in Cygnus is spectacular and the stars appear as a swarm of individual dots....

I would give them a very high rating of 9.5...

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